The Islamic movement will hold a mass rally in the direction of the Election Commission


Expressing full support for all the peaceful programs of the other opposition parties, Amir and Charmonai Pir Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim of the Islamic Movement said that if the Election Commission wants to announce the schedule unilaterally, a mass procession will be held in the direction of the Election Commission on the day of the announcement of the schedule. The next day, protests and demonstrations will be held in every district and metropolis across the country.

He said these things in a press conference on Sunday (November 12).

Referring to a mass explosion in Suhrawardy Udyan on November 3, Charmonai Pir said, ‘There we warned the government and called for its resignation by November 10. I talked about relinquishing power in a peaceful way. You know, Islam’s rule is that before taking a strong position, the concerned party must be warned and given time. We also gave it.’

Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said, “National dialogue will be held in Dhaka on November 20 with representatives of all political parties, academics, intellectuals, journalists and various professional organizations to resolve the national crisis and decide what to do next.”

He added, ‘On November 3, we will present the horrors of the political and economic crisis caused by the lack of unlimited power of the rulers in front of the countrymen by holding a mass meeting in Dhaka. We also make some logical demands to the government to overcome the crisis in a peaceful way. But the government did not pay attention.

Amir of the Islamic movement said, ‘After a certain period of time, waiting for public opinion to change the government is a universally recognized practice in the modern world. It is important to make the election free and fair to implement this practice. None but tyranny denies this necessity.’

Regarding the creation of a critical situation, he said, ‘After the independence of Bangladesh, the constitutional institutions including the Election Commission could not be automated and implemented. Due to this, the electoral government becomes an important issue. In view of this, universal political unity was established in the country in 1996 with the electoral government system. The nation has also benefited from it. But the Awami League government killed this universally supported system by placing a gun on the shoulder of the court through the fifteenth amendment of the constitution. They did not stop at just killing, but their behavior and speech on this issue is indecent and arrogant. Due to which the critical situation has been created today.’

Alleging that Awami League has turned from a political party into an extremist party, Charmonai Pir said, ‘Awami League is also giving programs in line with the political program of the opposition party. While those programs are peaceful in name, they have turned into terrorist programs in practice. The baton exercise, searching him, what the Awami League is doing to create panic, is reminiscent of the peacekeeping forces of 1971.

Islamic movement demands

The Islamic movement made four demands from the press conference. The demands are:

1. The current parliament should be dissolved immediately and the national government should be formed in consultation with the representatives of all the representative political organizations.

2. The persons arrested for political reasons, all the leaders and activists of the opposition parties and Ulamaye Keram should be released immediately and a dialogue should be organized through the mediation of the President.

3. The current election commission should be abolished.

4. Under no circumstances can the schedule be announced without political consensus and before creating a level playing field.

The press conference was also attended by senior presidium member Maulana Syed Muhammad Mosaddeq Billah Al Madani, senior Naib Amir Mufti Syed Muhammad Faizul Karim, presidium member Nurul Huda Faizi, secretary general principal Maulana Yunus Ahmad and others.

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