Four-point program announcement of the Islamic movement


Islami Andolan Bangladesh has called for the dissolution of the current parliament and the formation of a national government during the election period by discussing with the representatives of all the representative political organizations. Also, on the day of announcing the election schedule, a 4-point program has been announced in the direction of the Election Commission, including a mass rally.

The new program was announced in a press conference at the central office of Purana Paltan on Sunday (November 12) around 12:30 pm. The press conference also expressed full support to all the peaceful programs of the other protesting parties.

Four-point program announced by Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim:

If the Election Commission wants to announce the schedule unilaterally, a mass procession will be held in the direction of the Election Commission in Dhaka on the day of the announcement of the schedule.

Protests and demonstrations will be held in every district and metropolis across the country on the day after the schedule announcement.

Full support to all the peaceful programs of other agitating opposition parties.

To resolve the national crisis, a national dialogue will be held in Dhaka on November 20 with representatives of all political parties, academics, intellectuals, journalists and various professional organizations and the next steps will be decided.

Incidentally, on November 3, the Islamic movement gave an ultimatum to the government to resign by November 10 from a mass meeting at the historical Suhrawardy Udyan. If this demand is not accepted, after discussing with all the protesting opposition parties, it is announced to announce stricter and bigger program later.

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