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Israel offers to rescue children from the besieged al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

Israel offers to rescue children from the besieged al-Shifa hospital in Gaza
Israel offers to rescue children from the besieged al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

Fighting continues around al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.


Photo: Reuters


Israel has blockaded Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza. The hospital is completely paralyzed due to lack of electricity, water and oxygen. There are 39 to 45 babies in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit-NICU. Among them, two children died on Saturday. The life lamp of the rest is dimmed.

In this situation, the Israeli military said on Saturday that they are ready to rescue the children from Al-Shifa Hospital on Sunday.

Chief Military Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said, “Shifa Hospital staff are requested that tomorrow (Sunday) we are ready to help children in the pediatric ward to a safe hospital.” We will provide all necessary assistance for this.”

Israel claims that Hamas fighters in Gaza have set up their command center under and around Al-Shifa Hospital. So doctors, patients and thousands of refugees sheltering in hospital premises have been asked to evacuate. So that they can carry out operations against Hamas fighters there.

Hamas fighters have denied using the hospital in this way. The medical staff of the hospital said that there are many patients who may die if they are evacuated.

A surgeon in Al-Shifa, based in Gaza City, sent the BBC photos of at least 20 newborn babies. Those kept in the operating room of the hospital. The NICU there is completely paralyzed due to lack of electricity. Doctors have warned that two newborns have already died. The rest may die at any time.

The scene inside the hospital is also grim and confusing. The war is going on around the hospital. Those who have recently undergone surgery cannot be rescued immediately. Meanwhile, dead bodies started piling up inside the hospital. It is not possible to remove them for burial.

Thousands of Palestinians sought refuge in Al-Shifa hospital premises after Israeli forces launched a ground offensive in Gaza, fearing for their lives. Where fierce fighting has been going on for the last two days.

Surgeon Marwan Abu Sada told the BBC, “Every second there is the sound of gunfire and bombing.

“We are not even getting a break to remove these bodies. The hospital morgue is not functioning due to lack of electricity.”


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