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The OIC wears traditional Palestinian clothing

The OIC wears traditional Palestinian clothing
The OIC wears traditional Palestinian clothing

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday to attend a summit to resolve the Gaza crisis.

Iranian media reported that this was Raisi’s first visit to Saudi Arabia since the two countries restored diplomatic relations in March.

Footage aired on Saudi Arabia’s state television channel Al-Akhbariya showed Raisi wearing a keffiyeh scarf, the traditional Palestinian dress. At this time, Raisi was greeted by Saudi officials at the airport after getting off the plane.

Tehran-backed Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7, killing nearly 1,200 people and taking at least 240 hostages in Gaza. After this incident, an emergency meeting of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was called.

More than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in subsequent Israeli air and ground attacks, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry.

The Arab League and OIC were originally scheduled to meet separately, but the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced early Saturday morning that the bloc’s summit will be held together.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday condemned Israeli occupation forces’ continued violations of international humanitarian law.

The leaders of the Middle East called for a ceasefire, fearing that other countries would get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian war. Iranian President Raisi on Saturday blamed Washington’s staunch support for Israel for the war.

Raisi said that the war machine in Gaza is in the hands of America. They are expanding the war without stopping the ceasefire in Gaza. The world must see the real face of America.

Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi said it was time to act on the Gaza conflict instead of talking while visiting Saudi Arabia.

Gaza should not be a place for words, it should be for action, Raisi said at Tehran’s airport before leaving to attend a summit of Arab and Islamic countries in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Today the unity of Islamic countries is very important.

Source: The Times of Israel

Bangladesh Time: 1954 hours, November 11, 2023

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