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What the president said about the parliamentary elections

What the president said about the parliamentary elections
What the president said about the parliamentary elections

President Md. A delegation of the commission led by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal met Sahabuddin. The meeting started at 12 noon on Thursday (November 9) and ended at 1 pm.

During the meeting, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) briefed the President about the overall preparations for the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. This information was reported from the press wing of the President.

President Md. Sahabuddin said that the Election Commission has already held a dialogue with the political parties for the purpose of holding a fair and fair election. Necessary instructions have been given to the concerned people including the executive department for the smooth completion of the election.

He said that elections are the most important means of reflecting people’s opinions in the democratic process. People choose their representatives through elections and it is through representatives that people’s expectations are fulfilled.

President Md. Election Commission delegation with Sahabuddin Photo: Focus Bangla

Stating that fair and participatory elections strengthen democracy, the President said that democracy and development go hand in hand. To continue the development of the country, the democratic trend of the country must be continued.

Pointing out that it is not possible for the Election Commission alone to conduct a fair election, the President said that for a fair and beautiful election, the active cooperation of the people including the executive department is required. Political parties should come forward for this purpose.

President Md. Sahabuddin hopes that the government will provide full cooperation to the Election Commission in order to complete the upcoming National Assembly elections in a fair and beautiful manner. He urged the commission to play its responsible role with courage and sincerity by following the constitutional rules and regulations to make the elections fair.

Election commissioners and president’s secretaries were present in the meeting.

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