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Israel demands the destruction of hundreds of Hamas tunnels

Israel demands the destruction of hundreds of Hamas tunnels
Israel demands the destruction of hundreds of Hamas tunnels

The Israeli military claims to have destroyed at least 130 Hamas tunnels so far in its Gaza operation. According to them, these tunnels were used by Hamas fighters to attack Israeli forces.

The Israeli military said on social media that a tunnel was destroyed in the Beit Hanoun area of ​​northeastern Gaza. The tunnel was next to a school. Our military engineers continue to fight in Gaza. They detect, open and destroy enemy tunnels.

Entry and exit of goods and people into blockaded Gaza requires Israeli permission. Because of which Hamas has built these tunnels to bring and take their military goods. Hamas is believed to have built more than 300 km of tunnels in Gaza.

More than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks across Gaza since October 7. The number of people killed in the West Bank of Palestine in this unrest is 163 people. More than 4,000 children have been killed in these Israeli attacks in Gaza. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently said Gaza is becoming a ‘graveyard for children’.

In view of this, various countries and international organizations are demanding the effective ceasefire in Gaza. Hamas has also called for a cease-fire, saying it would release at least some prisoners if it came into effect. But Netanyahu has always denied this claim.

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