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Received President’s consent, will announce schedule soon: CEC

Received President’s consent, will announce schedule soon: CEC
Received President’s consent, will announce schedule soon: CEC

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal said that the President has expressed hope that the 12th National Assembly elections will be free, fair, impartial and orderly. He assured cooperation in this regard. So the election will be on time.

He also said that I have informed the President about all the preparations for the election. He expressed satisfaction after hearing everything. Now we will sit in the commission and decide the final list and announce the schedule very soon.

Kazi Habibul Awal said these things after meeting the President at Bangabhaban on Thursday (November 9).

The CEC said, I have informed His Excellency the President about the preparations for the upcoming 12th Parliament elections. We have informed about the overall preparation. He is satisfied. The President expressed hope that the upcoming elections will be free, fair, impartial and orderly. The President has assured cooperation in this regard.

We have also said that we will seek the help of the President if necessary. He assured that he will provide any kind of assistance in the interest of fair elections. The President said, democratic, constitutional continuity must be continued at any cost.

We have stated that we are determined to conduct the elections at the scheduled time and in the prescribed manner according to the constitutional duties and obligations imposed on us. We are seeking the cooperation of all political parties, government and people in that regard. We have assured the President that we will be able to complete the elections on time in light of the constitutional obligations with the cooperation of all.

We have informed the President about the possible schedule, elections are imminent. The President knows the end time. At any rate we have to have elections before January 29. We haven’t quite decided yet. I met the president today. Now we will discuss among ourselves and determine the possible time.

We have told the President to announce the schedule soon. Because it’s time. Told him in the first week or second week of January, which is still in that state. We will sit in the commission meeting and take a decision, finalize the date, then let you know.

CEC Habibul Awal pointed out that there was not much discussion with the President about the prevailing situation and said that we only spoke our words. I hope that everyone’s cooperation is needed for the elections to be held in a peaceful environment.

When asked, the CEC did not want to comment on political differences. Four election commissioners and secretaries were present with the CEC during the briefing.

Earlier on Thursday at 12 noon, President Md. Bangabhaban informed about the preparation of the schedule for the 12th National Parliament election. CEC Kazi Habibul Awal met Sahabuddin.

Brigadier General Md. was with him at this time. Ahsan Habib Khan (Retd.), Begum Rasheda Sultana, Md. Alamgir, Md. Anishur Rahman and EC Secretary Jahangir Alam.

The article is in Bengali

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