Tutul-Tania’s divorce, Siddique upset for son

Tutul-Tania’s divorce, Siddique upset for son
Tutul-Tania’s divorce, Siddique upset for son

Singer SI Tutul and actress Tanya Ahmed got divorced. They ended their 23 years of married life. Tutul is newly married. The bride is an expatriate presenter. Meanwhile, the news of the divorce of these two stars cast a shadow of sadness on the showbiz.

No one can accept the news of Tutul-Tanya’s separation. Many are expressing their reactions. Actor Siddiqur Rahman also expressed his sadness in a status on his Facebook.

He writes, ‘Tutul bhai and Tanya Apa have a child named Arash, my child is also named Arash. But I never thought that children named Arash would have the same situation in their lives. Really, we media people should think a little more about what we are doing, what we are doing and what we should be doing. Actually I never wanted to say anything about these. But today I could no longer feel that I should say something, why is this happening?

Are we really that bad? Or God sent us this way with life. We either spent our lives happily. What have our children done wrong? Why do they have to build such a life for us? I am very sad after seeing a news today. When the news of Tanya Apu and SI Tutul’s divorce appeared in front of my eyes, I thought what is going to happen?

Can’t we say sorry or thank you to each other? I think because of these two words many children not only in Bangladesh but all over the world cannot build their life well. After all, I spent 31 long days in America with Tanya Apu and Tutul Bhai, I saw their similarities. I can’t imagine such things happening in their lives.

I only pray to Allah Arash that you are always well and will be, I believe, Inshallah.’


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