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Mathews’ brother threatens to stone Shakib

Mathews’ brother threatens to stone Shakib
Mathews’ brother threatens to stone Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan and Angelo Mathews controversy is not stopping two days after the end of the match. Some claim, Shakib has shown his cricketing talent by taking advantage of the rules, and according to some, Shakib has ruined the spirit of cricket by getting timed out. Shakib says he was in the war and did what needed to be done to win. And Mathews said, he has lost all respect for Shakib.

But over everything, Mathews’s brother’s anger seems to be more than everyone. Trivan Mathews has even threatened to stone Shakib if he ever finds him in Sri Lanka. Talking to the Indian media Deccan Chronicle, he said, ‘Shakib is not invited to Sri Lanka. If he comes here to play international or LPL (Lankan Premier League), he will be stoned. Or he will have to suffer the negative attitude of the audience.’

Hasan Mahmud of Bangladesh had mankaded Ish Sodhi in the series against New Zealand before the World Cup. After that he was brought back by Liton Kumar Das of Bangladesh. At that time, such behavior of Bangladesh was quite appreciated. However, Trivan Mathews felt that Shakib had spoiled that sportsmanship in his behaviour.

Expressing his disappointment, Mathews’ brother said, ‘We are very disappointed. The Bangladeshi captain has no sportsman’s spirit and has shown no humanity in this gentleman’s game.’

Meanwhile, Mathews, who suffered the first timed out in history, claimed that the rules were not followed in his dismissal. The veteran all-rounder also said that a complaint will be submitted to the ICC using the broadcaster’s time footage. Sri Lanka did not shake hands with the cricketers of Bangladesh at the end of the match. Mathews replied, ‘We respect those who respect us. They have to respect the game. All of us, including the umpire, are ambassadors of the game. So if you don’t give respect, if you don’t use common sense, what else can I say.’


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