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Trinamool BNP announced election in 300 seats

Trinamool BNP announced election in 300 seats
Trinamool BNP announced election in 300 seats

The late barrister Nazmul Huda has announced his participation in the next national parliament elections, ‘Trinamool BNP’. Party Chairperson Shamser Mobin Chowdhury made this announcement in an event at the National Press Club on Wednesday. He said, ‘We will participate in the next national parliament elections. I am trying to give candidates in three hundred seats.’

Shamser Mobin said, ‘Trinamool BNP will be managed according to party rules and policies. Private companies will not. The Trinamool BNP will be the Trinamool Congress of Bangladesh.

He said, ‘We don’t believe in incendiary politics. I believe in fair politics. We do not support killing politics violence. Fair politics will be the basis of prosperity. It is our demand that the election commission will comply with the power given to it.

Trinamool BNP chairperson said, ‘We want to organize our party in such a way that not only politics, but also solving the various problems of the people at the local level will reflect the aspirations of the people.’

Before this, 35 Trinamool people from all over the country who were totally unfamiliar with politics joined the BNP. Among them are a retired judge, army officer, teacher, lawyer. At that time, Trinamool BNP Secretary General Advocate Taimur Alam Khandkar and other central leaders were present.

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