Israel kills Hamas fighters in Gaza – DW – 08.11.2023

Israel kills Hamas fighters in Gaza – DW – 08.11.2023
Israel kills Hamas fighters in Gaza – DW – 08.11.2023

The Prime Minister of Israel said that the Israeli army has surrounded the city of Gaza. They have also launched operations inside Gaza. Israel’s prime minister told the media, “At every moment the fighters of Hamas are being challenged. Many Hamas fighters have already died.” Netanyahu also said that several thousand Hamas fighters have been killed. However, no truth is known from Hamas.

Netanyahu said that there is no question of a cease-fire. Until Hamas releases the hostages taken from Israel, there will be no ceasefire. Even oil will not be allowed into the Gaza Strip. In fact, the United Nations said on Monday that if the oil did not get in, scores of babies in incubators would die. Elderly people who are on artificial oxygen support will also die. But Netanyahu did not heed those words.

The amount of humanitarian aid going to Gaza

Humanitarian aid began flowing into Gaza through the Rafah border last weekend How much aid has been sent to the residents so far?

Photo: Ahmed Gomaa/Xinhua/IMAGO

How much truck assistance?

A total of 34 trucks of aid were sent to Gaza after the opening of the border over the weekend, including 20 trucks on Saturday and 14 trucks on Sunday On Monday, 40 more trucks were reported to have been sent to help No details were available on whether any aid trucks entered Gaza after that

Photo: Ahmed Gomaa/Xinhua/IMAGO

What support is being offered?

It is known that Israel has allowed the delivery of drinking water, medicine, food and medical equipment by truck Israeli security guards check the trucks at the entrance Israeli authorities searched the trucks to ensure that no weapons could enter in the name of aid

Photo: Ahmed Gomaa/Xinhua/IMAGO

What do Gazans need?

Donor organizations say that Gaza needs at least 100 trucks a day to meet the daily needs of ordinary people Apart from food, medicines, the relief organizations are calling for energy support According to media reports, there is a water crisis in Gaza Moreover, hospitals need fuel to run

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Fuel supply?

News agency AFP reported that six tankers carrying fuel had crossed the Rafah crossing, although this could not be confirmed by independent sources. However, although a Palestinian spokesman confirmed the matter, the Times of Israel denied such information. Meanwhile, Israel’s Defense Body for Palestinian Civil Affairs said the hospital was supplied with fuel from a UN oil depot.

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Awaiting support

Aid trucks have been waiting for days to enter Gaza since the border was opened According to the United Nations Food Agency, 1,000 tons of food are waiting for the organization at the Gaza border

Photo: Ibrahim Abu Mustafa/REUTERS

Any country in aid

Various countries of the world have already sent aid to Egypt to help the Palestinians These include Bangladesh, India, Russia, Turkey and several Arab countries including Rwanda

Photo: Mohammed Asad/AP Photo/picture alliance

Increase in Germany’s financial aid

Germany has announced an additional aid of 50 million euros for ordinary people living in Gaza Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock made the announcement on Thursday This support of Germany will be helpful in the activities of international organizations including the United Nations Refugee Agency, said Beybaker.

Photo: Annette Riedl/dpa/picture alliance

Israel’s military chief said civilians had already been told to seek refuge in southern Gaza. For those who did not know, Israel is not responsible for their lives.

United Nations statement

A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations said that 89 UN staff have already died in the Gaza Strip. The most so far in terms of any fight.

Besides, 26 people were injured. They have been admitted to a local hospital. It was not possible to take anyone out.

According to the United Nations, more than one and a half million people are now homeless in Gaza. Many of them are sheltered in different places. DW does not want to be identified for security reasons.

Meanwhile, a representative from Joe Biden’s White House went to Lebanon virtually unannounced on Tuesday. He spoke to the caretaker prime minister and other administrative officials. He has requested to increase the fight from Lebanon.

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