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Prime Minister of Portugal resigns due to corruption allegations

Prime Minister of Portugal resigns due to corruption allegations
Prime Minister of Portugal resigns due to corruption allegations

Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa resigned hours after his chief of staff was arrested on corruption charges.

The country’s law enforcement agencies have arrested Prime Minister Antonio’s chief of staff for corruption in a lithium mining and hydrogen project.

The Prosecutor’s Office announced to initiate an investigation against Prime Minister Costa for his alleged involvement in this corruption.

After meeting with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sosa, Antonio Costa announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister on Tuesday (November 7).

However, the 62-year-old Costa has denied involvement in corruption before resigning. He said, ‘I fully believe in the judiciary. If there is anything suspicious, the Judiciary will see it without hindrance. I am not above the law.’

President Marcelo is expected to accept his resignation.

Portugal’s opposition party has demanded the resignation of the entire government over the corruption scandal.

The country’s infrastructure minister has also been accused of involvement in corruption.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Portugal said that the Supreme Court is looking into the matter of corruption in the name of the Prime Minister.

The hydrogen and lithium extraction project that led to the resignation of Portugal’s prime minister over corruption is funded by the European Union.

Source: Al Jazeera

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