8 more deaths from dengue, 1895 in hospital

8 more deaths from dengue, 1895 in hospital
8 more deaths from dengue, 1895 in hospital

In previous years, the dengue outbreak started decreasing from the month of October. But this time the picture is different. Dengue deaths and cases are not decreasing even in November. Eight more people died in a day in the country. With this, the number of dengue deaths this year has increased to 1,425. During this time, 1 thousand 895 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital. This information was informed in the press release of the Department of Health on Tuesday.

According to the notification, 394 people have been admitted to different hospitals in Dhaka and 1 thousand 501 people have been admitted to different hospitals outside Dhaka. At present, a total of 6,555 dengue patients are under treatment in various public and private hospitals of the country. There are currently 1,722 dengue patients in public and private hospitals in Dhaka and 4,833 dengue patients in other hospitals.

According to the notification, this year, two lakh 83 thousand 593 patients have been admitted to hospital and received treatment due to dengue infection. Out of this, 1 lakh 1 thousand 961 people were treated in Dhaka and 1 lakh 81 thousand 632 people outside Dhaka. Among the affected, 275 thousand 613 people have recovered from the hospital and returned home. 99 thousand 395 in Dhaka and 1 lakh 76 thousand 218 outside Dhaka have recovered and returned home. This year 1 thousand 425 people have died due to dengue.

According to the Department of Health, 281 people died of dengue in 2022. 62 thousand 382 people were admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever. Last year, 28 thousand 429 people were infected with dengue across the country. 105 people died.

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