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48-hour blockade of BNP begins


It is said that after talking to several responsible leaders of BNP at various levels, most of the central and field level leaders are in favor of continuing the strict program. In this case, they advised the policy makers to stay in the program of strike and blockade for the time being. However, for the convenience of the common people, many have given the opinion to break the program on Friday and Saturday of the week.

Along with BNP, other parties and alliances including Democracy Forum, 12-Party Alliance, LDP are also simultaneously observing the blockade program. Jamaat-e-Islami also separately called for a 48-hour blockade.

The leaders of the parties involved in the one-phase movement to oust the government, including the BNP, say that the election schedule may be announced next week. Until then, the opposition parties want to remain in a strong program. The assessment of the leaders of these parties is that the hartal and blockade programs announced so far have been well observed. People are united with this program. However, people are not able to come down as the government has created an environment of fear and panic by repressing the police and party terrorist forces. They are waiting.

Amidst the attacks and clashes, the BNP went on a morning-evening strike across the country on October 29 in protest of the mass gathering in Dhaka on October 28. After that, the BNP organized a two-phase five-day blockade of roads, railways and waterways from October 31 to November 6 to protest the arrest of the leaders including the party’s general secretary and to demand the resignation of the government. Today, the third phase of the two-day blockade began again.

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