Even today, the garment workers protested by blocking the road

Even today, the garment workers protested by blocking the road
Even today, the garment workers protested by blocking the road

Workers of various garment factories in Konabari area of ​​Gazipur city staged a protest and blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway on Tuesday (November 7) demanding salary increase. At one stage, the agitated workers set fire to two buses and vandalized some cars when the police fired tearshells to disperse the protesting workers.

Workers of various garments in Konabari and Kashimpur areas took out a procession on the Dhaka-Tangail highway from 7 am on Tuesday (November 7) and blocked the highway. The police fired several rounds of tearshells to remove them from the highway. After that, the angry workers set fire to two buses. Apart from this, they vandalized several vehicles.

Ashraf Uddin, OCM of Konabari police station, said that the workers were protesting in the area around Konabari and Kashimpur police station since Tuesday morning demanding salary increase. During the movement, there were several incidents of police chase with the workers. Later, when the protesters pelted bricks at the police, the police dispersed them by firing tearshells. At one point, the workers went some distance from the scene and set fire to two passenger buses on the Dhaka-Tangail highway.

He said that after receiving the news, a sufficient number of police, BGB, RAB teams reached the spot and brought the situation under control around 11:30 am. Later, the traffic on that road was normal. Since the incident, the situation has been stagnant in Konabari, Kashimpur and Palli Vidyut areas.

Abdullah Al Arefin, Deputy Assistant Director of Gazipur Fire Service, said that agitated workers set fire to two buses demanding a salary increase. On receiving the information, Kashimpur mini fire station personnel went and brought the fire under control after about half an hour. Some parts including the seats of the two buses were burnt in the fire. However, no casualties were reported.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner (DB and Media) Ibrahim Khan said that the protest workers blocked the road and set fire to two buses in Konabari. After controlling the fire, police and fire service personnel started moving vehicles on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway around 11:30 am. We have enough law enforcement personnel on the roads to ensure that the workers do not resort to violence.

The workers of several factories including Standard Garments Limited, Ripon Knitwear Limited, Islam Garments, Bestall Sweaters of Konabari area did not enter the factory to demand 23 thousand rupees salary. Approximately 4000-5000 workers protested in Hatimara area through Jarun of Kashimpur.

Later Kaiser Knitwear Limited, Montex Fabrics Limited, Cotton Club BD Limited, Tasnia Fabrics, Multifabs Limited, Alim Knit (BD) Limited, Mithali Fashion Limited, MP Sweater Limited, DBL Group, GMS Composite Limited, Riaz Knitwear Limited, Cotton Club Unit- 2 factories declared holiday.

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