Nearly 160 children killed in Gaza every day: WHO

Nearly 160 children killed in Gaza every day: WHO
Nearly 160 children killed in Gaza every day: WHO

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An average of 160 children are being killed in Gaza every day, said Christian Lindmeier, spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO). He commented that the horror of the death and suffering that Gazans are being subjected to is ‘difficult to fathom’.

According to the BBC, Lindmeier said at a press briefing in Geneva on Tuesday that there have been more than 100 attacks on health centers since the start of the war in Gaza. More than 160 health workers have died in the line of duty.

Comparing the 1,400 people killed in Israel with the Palestinian liberation armed group Hamas’ attack, he said that more than 10,000 people died in the Israeli attack in Gaza, which is half of the population there.

After that, Lindmeyer said, “On average, about 160 children are killed in Gaza every day. No excuse will stand up to the enormity of the suffering of the people of Gaza.”

Earlier, he said, operations including amputations are being carried out in Gaza without any anaesthetic.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier warned that Gaza was becoming a graveyard for children as Israeli airstrikes escalated. It is clear that international humanitarian law is being violated, he commented.

In a rare joint statement, UN agencies also described the killing of civilians in Gaza as ‘horrendous’. A group of UN humanitarian agencies said the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza was a crime.

Israel’s retaliatory attacks in Gaza have been ongoing since the surprise attack by Hamas that entered Israel on October 7. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised to eliminate Hamas in Gaza in this war. The death toll in Gaza continues to rise due to Israel’s continued attacks.

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