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Gaza’s safe corridor is a death trap for Palestinians

Gaza’s safe corridor is a death trap for Palestinians
Gaza’s safe corridor is a death trap for Palestinians

Israel’s overnight raids on the besieged Gaza Strip have now become routine. On Monday night, the air force attacked Gaza’s Khan Younis, Rafah and Deir al-Balah, killing 306 innocent Palestinians.

It was in these southern cities that Palestinians were asked to evacuate safely. While everyone has moved south to escape the attacks, the United Nations says nowhere in Gaza is safe.

Airstrikes have turned safe corridors into death traps for Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a ‘strategic minor break’ in Gaza was being considered to allow aid to flow in and to evacuate hostages from the Gaza Strip.

But he rejected calls for a ceasefire despite mounting international pressure. News Al Jazeera, AP, BBC.

306 people have been killed in the 32nd day of the Israeli attack on Gaza. In such a situation, millions of displaced Palestinians have no chance to cross the border to safe shelter. The Rafah crossing along the Egyptian border is also being opened subject to conditions. In this situation, millions of people in Gaza are waiting for a kind of death, blocked by food, clean water, electricity and energy crisis.

In this situation, Netanyahu said, a general ceasefire would disrupt the war effort. But Israel’s close ally, the United States, has the support of a pause in the fighting for humanitarian reasons. The matter will be considered based on the situation.

In an interview with ABC News on Monday, Netanyahu said, “We have given strategic little breaks like 1 hour here, 1 hour there before. I think it could be for different types of goods, humanitarian goods to come in, or to get hostages out. But I don’t think there will be a general ceasefire. “Israel will be in charge of security in Gaza indefinitely,” he said.

Meanwhile, the bloody conflict between Hamas and Israel reached 32 days. After Hamas fired rockets at Israel on October 7, Israel continued to retaliate against Gaza. The severity of the Israeli attack on Gaza has surpassed the war in Ukraine. The number of casualties there in the past month has surpassed that of the Russia-Ukraine war in 21 months. This information was given in a report of the United Nations.

Gaza’s Hamas-controlled Health Ministry said on Tuesday that 306 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes overnight on Monday. As a result, the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has increased to 10,328. Among the dead, 4,237 were children and 2,719 were women. At least 25 thousand 965 people were injured in Palestine in this Israeli attack.

An average of 134 children are dying every day since the attack began in Gaza. So far 4237 children have died there, the Ministry of Health said. On Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying Gaza has become a graveyard for children.

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