Gaza will take ‘security responsibility’ after war

Gaza will take ‘security responsibility’ after war
Gaza will take ‘security responsibility’ after war

In an interview given to American media ABC News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if the hostages are not released, there will be no ceasefire in Gaza. Once the war with Hamas ends, Israel will have ‘overall security responsibility’ for Gaza.

In an interview with ABC News’ “World News Tonight” host David Muir, Israel’s prime minister admitted his government’s responsibility for intelligence failures on the Hamas attack. Netanyahu’s office said in a statement after the attack that the Oct. 7 attack had taken them by surprise.

Earlier in a social media post, Netanyahu blamed his military and security chiefs for intelligence failures in the Oct. 7 attack. However, he later deleted the post and apologized for his previous post in another post.

Meanwhile, the Israeli bombardment that began across Gaza since October 7 continues. The death toll in the besieged Palestinian territories has exceeded 10,000. Al Jazeera reports that 10,022 people were killed and 23,408 Palestinians wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza from October 7 to November 7. 163 people have been killed and 2,100 injured in the West Bank of Palestine in this one-month unrest.

Meanwhile, more than three hundred and fifty Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza due to the resistance of Hamas, according to various media of the country. Earlier on October 7, Hamas attacks on Israeli settlements killed 1,405 people and injured another 5,600. At this time, Hamas took about 25 hostages to Gaza.

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