The green screen problem is back again, this time in OnePlus’ brand new smartphone!


OnePlus Open was launched last month as OnePlus’ first foldable smartphone. There was a lot of craze among OnePlus fans about the phone and the tide was also noticed in the sales. But less than a month after the launch, some users started complaining about serious issues. It has been reported that some OnePlus Open screens are showing green streaks.

Complaints about OnePlus Open’s screen

Another Reddit user shared a photo claiming that his OnePlus Open’s screen had gone “dead”. The image shows dead pixels around the hinge area of ​​the phone. The issue may have a negative impact on the sales of OnePlus’ foldable devices, as the company has not yet acknowledged the issues and has not officially responded.

Based on similar incidents with the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 in the past, it is believed that the issue is likely software related. The green line was acknowledged by OnePlus India in their statement. Company Green advises to visit the nearest OnePlus service center to resolve the situation and also announced free screen replacement of the affected phones.

Also, the brand has also given a voucher to the affected OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series users to upgrade to a new OnePlus phone at a low cost to restore customer confidence. The Lifetime Screen Warranty was also a part of OnePlus’ efforts to reduce the impact of this issue. Let’s see how OnePlus solves the green line problem of Oneplus Open.


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