The US sent nuclear-armed submarines to the Middle East

The US sent nuclear-armed submarines to the Middle East
The US sent nuclear-armed submarines to the Middle East

The US has sent a missile-carrying submarine to the Middle East amid the Israeli-Palestinian war. The specialty of submarine based missiles is that they are very effective in hitting the right target. At the same time, nuclear weapons can be added to these missiles to attack specific targets.

The US Navy announced on Sunday that it will send submarines to the Middle East. The U.S. is not usually seen making such announcements about the location of submarines. Military analysts say the Israeli-Palestinian war threatens to spread throughout the Middle East. In this situation, the United States has taken this step to show its military capabilities.

The Middle East is under the US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM). In a statement given on X (Twitter) on Sunday, CENTCOM said that on November 5, an Ohio-class submarine arrived in the area under the jurisdiction of the US Central Command.

The photo of the submarine sent to the Middle East was also released by the Central Command, a branch of the US Defense Forces. It can be seen that the US submarine is going to its destination through the Suez Canal.

On October 7, Hamas, the ruling group of Palestine, launched an unprecedented attack on Israel. On the same day, Israel launched a counter-attack on Gaza. Israel-Palestine war has started through this. Since then, Israel’s close ally, the United States, has greatly increased its military presence and activity in the Middle East. It has already sent many warplanes there, including two warships.

At the same time, the United States has also announced the deployment of about 1,000 US troops in the Middle East. In addition, a group of US commandos skilled in special operations are advising the Israeli military for the Gaza war. However, the number of these commandos has not been reported.

Not only here, Washington has also increased its military presence in the Arab countries that are allies of the United States in the Persian Gulf region. Saudi Arabia has sent a missile defense system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). In addition, Patriot surface-to-air missile systems have been sent to Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

US Defense Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder said the military presence in the region has been increased to prevent the war from spreading throughout the Middle East and to ensure the safety and security of the US and Washington’s allies.

Since the start of the Gaza war, there has been a series of attacks targeting US military positions in Syria and Iraq. During this time, Iranian-backed armed groups have carried out dozens of attacks targeting US military bases in these countries. Two of the biggest attacks were on October 17 at the Al-Tanf military base in Syria and on October 18 at the Al-Assad air base in Iraq. 21 US soldiers were injured in these two attacks.

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