10,000 killed in Israeli attack in Gaza

10,000 killed in Israeli attack in Gaza
10,000 killed in Israeli attack in Gaza

Relatives of the victims mourn in front of the morgue in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on Monday

The death toll in Gaza so far has risen to 10,022 in Israeli attacks. Among them 4 thousand 104 children and 2 thousand 641 women.

A spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health gave this information at a press conference on Monday (November 6). News Al Jazeera.

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. In response, Israel launched airstrikes on Hamas-ruled Gaza. Since then the attack has been going on. In addition to Gaza, Israeli forces have increased their activity in the occupied West Bank.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that since the start of the attack by Israeli forces in Gaza, the number of injured has increased to 25,408.

It was reported in the press conference that Al-Rantisi Hospital was hit by Israeli airstrikes twice. Cancer centers and specialized pediatric centers have also been targeted. Four people were killed and 70 injured in the attack.

Israel has carried out 18 attacks in the past few hours, killing 252 people.

192 medical workers have lost their lives since October 7. 32 ambulances were destroyed. Now 16 hospitals are closed.

It was informed in the press conference that attacks are being carried out targeting bakeries to create food crisis. Israel is using the international community’s silence as a green signal to continue this destruction.

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