Prevention is not possible for the police alone

Prevention is not possible for the police alone
Prevention is not possible for the police alone

Vandalism has spread throughout the country including the capital due to political tension. The violence that started on October 28 shows no sign of stopping. Over 100 vehicles have been set on fire in the last 10 days. The police repeatedly say that they are on maximum alert to control the law and order situation. But in reality sabotage cannot be prevented in any way. Analysts say that if there is no political will and public involvement, it will not be possible for the police alone to prevent this arson. They cited shortage of police intelligence and manpower crisis as important reasons behind this.

Hundreds of vehicles including buses, pickups, private cars, trucks, motorcycles were set on fire in different parts of the country including the capital from October 28 to November 6 due to the rally, strike and blockade of BNP and like-minded political parties. Many people are suffering from burns in these incidents and are in the hospital. Law and order forces say that members of opposition political parties including BNP are involved in these arson attacks.

The Fire Service and Civil Defense say miscreants set fire to 21 vehicles during Sunday and Monday’s siege. Among them, 12 vehicles were set on fire in the capital Dhaka. Besides, 110 incidents of arson occurred from October 28 to November 6. Of these, 29 on 28 October, 19 on 29 October, 1 on 30 October, 11 on 31 October, 14 on 1 November, 7 on 2 November, 6 on 4 November, 13 on 5 November, 10 on 6 November.

A bus caught fire in the capital’s Gulistan on Monday afternoon

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner and Detective Chief Haroon Or Rashid told reporters at his office on Minto Road in the capital on Sunday (November 5), that there has been no fire so far. We know who is setting fire to the bus after calling the blockade. We got their names, got their pictures. Of course they will all be arrested. We know who’s making bombs, who’s throwing cocktails.

According to law enforcement officials, it is not the fact that people are not coming out that supports the ongoing blockade-harta. Rather, they are not going out because of fear. They are in a panic thinking about the safety of public transport, arson and sneak attacks.

On the other hand, the opinion of the agitators including BNP, the government will be flexible to meet their demands only through hartal-blockade.

But so far the government’s position is that the elections will be held on time and there is no need for dialogue or political compromise with the opposition parties. In case of violence, brutality, arson in the name of movement, the government or law enforcement forces will take action according to the law.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner (Crime and Operations) said that sneak attacks are being carried out in many places. b. Mahid Uddin told Bangla Tribune that such incidents are taking place without the eyes of the law enforcement agencies. Secluded places are being chosen for crime. Besides, the law enforcement forces are working to identify those involved in the fire incident and bring them under the law after watching the CCTV footage.

Miscreants set fire to a private car in Nilakshet on Sunday night

Former Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police DMP (Former Additional IGP). Asaduzzaman Mia told the Bangla Tribune that the law and order forces have done the work of resisting the people with them in controlling militancy, in this way the people should be encouraged to resist the arson. Not only car vandalism, but any type of crime control and public safety provision is not possible for law enforcement alone. If the law is not obeyed, it is not possible to maintain safety in any way. It is the responsibility of law enforcement to take punitive action against criminals and ensure the safety of innocent citizens. At the same time, citizens have the responsibility to inculcate a law-abiding culture and create an environment conducive to it.

He said, it is not possible for law enforcement personnel to stand every inch. And it is not possible that the intelligence agency will know all the news. The crimes that we look at, maybe there are two crimes or five crimes. The general public may not know how many crimes have been controlled on the basis of intelligence. These are mostly not published. The bottom line is that it is not possible to establish the rule of law or provide security to the people without the involvement of the people.

Dhaka University Social Welfare and Research Institute Associate Professor and Society and Crime Specialist Dr. Tauhidul Haque told the Bangla Tribune that there is no easy way to reduce the fear and recurrence of fire incidents in public transport based on strikes or blockades. There is only one way—if the political parties come to an agreement through talks centered around the next elections. Only then will all fears be over. And until it comes, there is no way to panic.

He said, there is no use in blaming the law enforcement agencies. It is not possible for them alone to prevent this arson. Someone may have attacked, vandalized or petrol-bombed cars at night or in the evening; And in our country there are not so many members of the law enforcement force that we can control or monitor the whole country. Everything we do depends on building trust and respect between the main political parties.

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