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The US will crush Iran if it hits Israel

The US will crush Iran if it hits Israel
The US will crush Iran if it hits Israel

The Biden administration has sent a stern warning to Iran and the liberation organization Hezbollah. The threat is that the US will crush Iran if it hits Israel. In other words, they are ready for any kind of military intervention if Israel is attacked. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made an unannounced visit to Iraq on Sunday. Blinken issued this warning during a visit to Iraq, the New York Times reported on Monday. Blinken gave this message to all regional powers including Turkey. Earlier, the White House also issued similar warnings to Iran and Hezbollah. The United States sent a nuclear submarine to the Middle East on the same day as a new warning to the countries of the Middle East.

This information was given in a statement on the same day by the Central Command of the US military. An Ohio-class submarine is said to have arrived in the area under US Central Command.

“It was very important to send a message to those who would want to take advantage of the Gaza conflict,” Blinken said in a warning to Iran. Do not use this conflict to threaten our personnel here or in any other region.’

US President Joe Biden also recently issued a warning in this regard. He said that if US troops are attacked in the Middle East, they will be retaliated against.

According to analysts, sending submarines to Gaza in this critical situation could be a message of resistance to Iran and its supporting countries. Earlier, the United States sent two aircraft carriers USS Gerald R. Ford and USS Eisenhower to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to assist Israel. However, it is rare for the US to announce the location of Ohio-class submarines. The U.S. command’s announcement did not reveal the specific location of the submarine. However, in published images, it is seen near the Suez Canal Bridge in Egypt. This class of submarines is nuclear powered and capable of carrying many nuclear weapons. In his first speech since the Israel-Hamas war, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said his group was not afraid of US warships. He also warned that Hezbollah forces are ready for anything.

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