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Bus fire in Anwara

Bus fire in Anwara
Bus fire in Anwara

Chittagong: Miscreants set a bus on fire at Chatri Chaumuhani market in Anwara on the second day of BNP’s second phase of blockade.

The incident happened on Monday (November 6) around 4 am near the traffic police box area mosque.

The miscreants fled before the police reached the spot. Later the fire service went and brought the fire under control.

The affected bus owner Naim Uddin said that the Chattmetro J11-0723 serial bus which was burnt in the fire was parked at night near the mosque in Chatri Choumuhani Bazar to take the workers of KEPZ to the factory in the morning. At 4 am, the driver called and reported that the bus was on fire. After the fire service put out the fire, the car was taken to the workshop on the advice of the police. It caused a loss of around 12 lakh rupees.

Mong Suinu Mamra, officer of Anwara Fire Service Station, said that the fire was brought under control after receiving information about the bus being set on fire in Chatri Choumuhani Bazar. The bus was completely burnt.

Earlier on Sunday at around 11 pm miscreants set fire to a bus at the railway gate area of ​​Oxygen junction in the city. After the fire came under control, the bus was taken to Bayezid police station.

Officials in charge of Bayezid and Anwara Police Station said that legal action will be taken in the event of setting fire to the bus.

Bangladesh Time: 1045 hours, November 6, 2023

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