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Two passenger buses caught fire in Gazipur

Two passenger buses caught fire in Gazipur
Two passenger buses caught fire in Gazipur

District Correspondent

Gazipur: During the 48-hour blockade called by BNP-Jamaat from Sunday, two passenger buses were set on fire in Gazipur.

On Monday (November 6) at 2 o’clock in the night, a bus carrying passengers of Gazipur Paribahan parked on the side of the road was set on fire in Battala area of ​​Shibbari-Shimultali road under Sadar police station of Gazipur metropolis. Another bus was set on fire in Safipur area of ​​Kaliakair upazila on Dhaka-Tangail highway of Gazipur metropolis early on Monday morning.

In Battala area of ​​Shibbari-Shimultali road, the locals of the road said that suddenly they saw a fire burning. Meanwhile, some people are running away.

Deputy Assistant Director of Gazipur Fire Service. Abdullah Al Arefin said that miscreants set fire to the bus parked on the side of the road at around two o’clock in the night. On receiving the information, two units of Joydevpur Fire Service rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control. No one was injured.

Officer-in-charge of Gazipur Metropolitan Police Sadar Police Station Ziaul Islam said miscreants set fire to a bus named Gazipur Paribahan on the Shibbari-Shimultali road at around two o’clock in the night. The bus was burnt. We are investigating who is involved in this incident or who caused this incident. Further legal action will be taken.

An incident of setting fire to a bus also took place in Kaliakore on Monday morning. Locals said that a KP Paribahan bus takes workers from Konabari in Gazipur to a factory in Kaliakor every morning. KP Paribahan bus had to be stopped on its way to Safipur Bazar due to another bus. At this time, four to five youths ran and boarded the bus. They then poured petrol on the car and set it on fire and fled.

Kaliakore fire service station officer. Raihan said that after receiving the information, a fire service unit went to the spot and controlled the fire.

Akbar Ali Khan, Officer-in-Charge of Kaliakore Police Station in Gazipur District, said that miscreants committed the incident early in the morning. Efforts are on to identify those involved in setting the fire. Later legal action will be taken against them.


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