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Ali Zaker said after hearing about theater, I am interested in music.


Actor Mamunur Rashid spoke to The Daily Star remembering Ali Zaker on his birthday.

Shah Alam Saju

Monday November 6, 2023 01:13 PM Last Updated: Monday November 6, 2023 01:13 PM

Ali Zaker and Mamunur Rashid.


Ali Zaker and Mamunur Rashid.

Today is famous actor Ali Zaker’s birthday. This talented artist has left a huge contribution to stage drama. Many stage plays directed by him have been appreciated at home and abroad. He has been soaked in the love of people with his extraordinary performance in television dramas. He has also been appreciated for acting in films.

Actor Mamunur Rashid spoke to The Daily Star remembering Ali Zaker on his birthday.

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He said, ‘In 1971, he met Ali Zaker while working at Swadhin Bangla Betar. Both of us were involved with Swadhin Bangla Betar then. Ali Zaker used to read English news on Swadhin Bangla Betar. He read well. He also used to read Kathika. That’s when I understood that he was born with great talent.

‘I believed that Ali Zaker could do something good for the theatre. Many things are possible in the theater with him. Sitting in Calcutta, I dreamed that one day I would return home and perform regular stage plays like in New York, like in big country theatres. That’s when I decided to tell Ali Zaker. One day I was riding a tram on the streets of Calcutta. Ali Zaker was traveling in another tram. Then I got off. met I told him about my dream about theatre,’ he said.

After listening to me, Ali Zaker said, I am interested in music. I understood him. Let me tell you that Ali used to play tabla very well. In any case, I acted in the drama Diary of Mukti on Swadhin Bangla Betar. He acted very well. Remember, Ali Zaker played the role of a Punjabi officer. After that, I will play the west staircase. It was in Kolkata, in 1971,’ said Mamunur Rashid.

He also said, ‘The Western Staircase play was written at my age. I asked Ali Zaker to act there and he acted. I was impressed by his performance. Then the country became independent. We returned to independent Bangladesh. But I did not forget that I will do a stage play. Then I did Aranyak Natyadal. I did the first drama of this group Shaheed Munir Chowdhury’s ‘Kabar’. I gave the instructions. Just a few days ago, Munir Chowdhury was martyred. His words came to mind while performing the grave play. Ali acted in Zaker’s grave drama.

Recalling that time, he said, ‘Several other famous people of this country acted in the play ‘Kabar’. The play ‘Kabar’ was appreciated. Everyone’s performance including Ali Zaker was appreciated. Then Ali Zaker made a theater community. He made great plays for his team. Those plays were highly praised. His contribution to the stage is huge. He gave a lot to the stage play.

‘Ali Zaker was a very big actor. His body language was different, which Abhinay understood. His manner of speaking was also impressive. Added new ideas to the theater. I started bringing up the class struggle in stage plays and Ali Zaker started coming up with new ideas. Deepest love on his birthday’, said Mamunur Rashid.


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