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EC meetings with political parties started: 8 not attended

EC meetings with political parties started: 8 not attended
EC meetings with political parties started: 8 not attended

The Election Commission has started discussions with the political parties on all matters including preparations for the 12th National Assembly elections. On Saturday (November 4) the discussion started at 10 am in the election building under the chairmanship of Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal.

Representatives of 13 parties out of 21 invited parties attended the first round of meetings. BNP like-minded parties did not participate in it.

According to Election Commission sources, out of the 22 registered parties in the first phase, 15 political parties had already promised the EC that they would participate. Three groups said they would not come. The decision of the rest is not known.

Letters have been sent to 43 registered political parties to participate in the conference hall of Agargaon election building on Saturday morning and afternoon.

Awami League representatives who participated in the meeting, Photo: Nasirul Islam

The parties that came at the beginning of the meeting are Awami League, Islami Oikyajot, Trinamool BNP, NDM, Bangladesh Congress, Bangladesh National Awami Party, NPP, Gano Forum, Islamic Front Bangladesh, Bangladesh Supreme Party, BNF, Gano Front and Insaniyat Biplab Bangladesh.

The parties whose representatives were not present at the beginning of the meeting were Liberal Democratic Party-LDP, Bangladesh National Party (BJP), Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Bangladesh Muslim League, Jamiat Ulamae Islam Bangladesh, Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Khilafat Majlish and Bangladesh Muslim. League BML.

Meanwhile, the parties that have been invited for the afternoon discussion are – BNP, JP, Bangladesh Samyavadi Dal (ML), Bangladesh Tarikat Federation, Krishak Sramik Jantalig, Workers Party of Bangladesh, Alternative Dhara Bangladesh, Jatiya Party, Jasad, JSD, Zaker Party, Basad, Bangladesh Khilafat Movement, Bangladesh NAP, Bangladesh Jatiya Party, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlish, Islami Andolan Bangladesh, Bangladesh Islamic Front, Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh, Muktijot, Bangladesh Jasad and BNM.

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