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EC meeting with political parties today

EC meeting with political parties today
EC meeting with political parties today

The Election Commission headed by Kazi Habibul Awal is sitting with the registered parties to discuss the overall issues including reporting the progress of the preparations for the 12th National Assembly elections.

On Saturday (November 4) 44 registered political parties have been given letters to participate in the conference hall of Agargaon election building in two parts, morning and afternoon.

There are 22 parties including Awami League in the morning and 22 parties including BNP and Jatiya Party in the afternoon; Who can have president and general secretary or two nominated representatives of the party. However, several parties including BNP are not responding to EC’s invitation. The parties also boycotted the EC’s earlier dialogues.

Violence has also erupted amid the tumultuous political situation over the polls. The urge for dialogue to resolve differences has come from various quarters including parties; There is also a rush in the diplomatic circles.

BNP General Secretary and several leaders have been arrested. As before, BNP and like-minded people are not getting response to EC’s invitation. As the central office was closed, the party could not even receive the EC’s letter this time.

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, ‘What dialogue is this (EC’s letter)?’ Dialogue for whom. What do they want to talk about by imprisoning the top leaders of the party, leaving them without homes, leaving them without homes. …At the behest of the government these pranks are being done, mockery is being done, taunting is being done in the name of dialogue (Election Commission).’

On Friday (November 3), Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said that the bloodshed and violence they (BNP) have caused in Dhaka is proof of that. After that there is no question of dialogue with this terrorist group. The Election Commission is an independent body, it is their business if they dialogue.

EC in the meeting which will know, will tell

According to the letter sent to the parties, according to the provisions of Article 123 of the Constitution, there is an obligation to complete the election of the 12th National Parliament by January 28 due to the expiry of the term of the 11th National Parliament.

A discussion meeting has been organized on November 4 with the main participants of the election, including the progress of preparations for the 12th national parliament election, with the registered political parties. Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal will preside over the meeting and the Election Commissioners will be present.

“On the invitation of the Election Commission, the honorable president and general secretary of your party or 2 suitable representatives nominated by you have been requested by the commission to participate in this meeting.”

This time too response will give what 9 team?

After the current commission headed by Kazi Habibul Awal took charge, some parties including BNP did not participate in the two rounds of dialogue with the political parties. That is why BNP and like-minded parties and 9 parties boycotting dialogue including CPB, Basad were invited for informal talks last March, but the parties did not respond.

In this situation, if like-minded people including BNP will respond to EC’s call, Commission Secretary Md. Jahangir Alam declined to comment.

in the morning And in the afternoon which team invited

Among the 22 parties invited to the EC conference room at the election building at 10:30 am are – Awami League, Islami Oikyazot, LDP, Trinamool BNP, NDM, Bangladesh Congress, Bangladesh National Awami Party, BJP, CPB, Bangladesh Muslim League, NPP, Jamiat Ulamae Islam Bangladesh, Gano Forum, Demokrati Party, Islamic Front Bangladesh, Bangladesh Welfare Party, Bangladesh Supreme Party, Khilafat Majlish, BML, BNF, Gano Front and Insaniyat Biplab Bangladesh.

3:30 pm BNP, JP, Bangladesh Samyavadi Dal (ML), Bangladesh Tarikat Federation, Krishak Sramik Jantalig, Workers Party of Bangladesh, Alternative Dhara Bangladesh, Jatiya Party, Jasad, JSD, Zaker Party, Basad, Bangladesh Khilafat Andolan, Bangladesh NAP, Bangladesh Jatiya Party, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlish, Islami Andolan Bangladesh, Bangladesh Islami Front, Bangladesh Revolutionary Workers Party, Muktijot, Bangladesh Jasad and BNM.

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