BNP’s ‘non-cooperation’ coming next week

BNP’s ‘non-cooperation’ coming next week
BNP’s ‘non-cooperation’ coming next week

BNP with their like-minded people is planning a series of programs in a final movement to bring down the government. After the total blockade of 48 hours from Sunday tomorrow, with a break of one day, the blockade will be again for two days from Wednesday. And from November 12, multiple sources have confirmed that they are going to go on a non-stop or non-cooperation movement.

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, ‘The one-phase movement will continue until victory comes. Leaders, activists, democratic political parties and like-minded people will play a role in the success of the program without stepping on the provocation of the government.

The leaders of BNP said that on October 28, the party was hit by the mass rally and later by Dharpak. For this, first one-day hartal, then two-day blockade has been given to avoid damage to the movement. In order to give breath to the activists, there is a total blockade this week, but there is a decision to take breaks. Through this, the high command of BNP will send a message that people’s lives have not been taken hostage. At the same time, they will be able to maintain their liberal image in the international world. However, from next week, the top leaders of like-minded parties including BNP are moving forward with a plan of strict movement step by step. As part of this strategy, there is a plan to announce a blockade program across the country on Wednesday and Thursday, with a break from next Tuesday. After that, with a break on November 10 and 11, a continuous blockade or non-cooperation movement may be announced from November 12.

According to BNP and like-minded sources, the activists were not prepared for the October 28 mass rally attack, clash and subsequent situation. The biggest mass gathering was held that day for the peaceful program. But after the conflict, they were upset by the strict stance of law and order forces, mass arrests, lawsuits and harassment. Even the communication between them broke down. To avoid arrest, you have to leave your home and find a safe place. Many are still in search of safe haven. However, the activists have been able to handle the initial shock. It is said that they are making all kinds of preparations to enter the field in an organized manner.

Several middle-ranking leaders of BNP said that the leaders and workers are making maximum preparations under the guidance of the party’s high command on ‘learning’ from the October 28 disaster. The high command has completed the process of bringing the separated leaders and activists back to one platform. They are going to take to the streets with collective power. Rajeev Ahsan, General Secretary of Swachhsevak Dal, said that they have no chance to retreat. You have to fight for yourself. Even if the whole country is made into a prison, don’t give up. Under the guidance of the top level, the last worker of the party has also made preparations to continue this movement.

A separate cell has been formed to monitor the entire movement amid such attitude and preparedness of the party’s grassroots cadres. Inquiries have been initiated against those organizational units that are least negligent, inactive or make excuses. Even those who are doing ‘revolution’ on Facebook without going to the streets, are being kept under the fire glass. The monitoring cell is collecting all the records.

A BNP office-related leader, who did not want to be named, said that the high command has been wavering about several districts and upazilas. Has been especially active with Dhaka and surrounding districts. They have been warned against the activities of Munshiganj and Narsingdi districts in the strike-blockade program. New leadership has been decided as two top leaders of Narsingdi district are in jail. Senior leaders have given the order to come down to the streets to prove everyone’s activism. The senior leaders of the party are also unhappy with the leadership of Gazipur district. Sources said that it was possible to bring down the activists in some places in the last days of the siege after strict reprimands.

Barisal division has the worst condition outside Dhaka division. The senior leaders are upset with the leaders of other districts apart from the Barisal district, the metropolis due to strike or blockade. After being warned, Divisional Organizing Secretary Bilkis Jahan Shirin and Barisal South District Convenor Abul Hossain Khan were arrested on the street.

There is also anger in the party over the Comilla division in the last four days of the agitation program. Not only the department and district, but also upazila level leaders have been kept under the monitor. Chouddagram of Comilla is at the top of the list which has not shown any activism in the recent movement. Virtually no movement has developed in the upazila connecting with the port city of Chittagong. Upazila BNP president Kamrul Huda shut down the phone from the beginning, the workers complained. Zakir Hossain, the former vice-president of Upazila Youth Party, said that until 2015 Rajpath was in their possession. Awami League was afraid to take a stand. But the scene has changed due to the weak leadership of the present committee. Do not go down to the streets yourself, do not call them.

Taiful Islam Tipu, secretary of BNP central office, said, ‘The leaders and workers got used to peaceful programs under the instructions of the high command. But the government broke that mistake with a brutal attack on October 28. In the beginning, everyone was a little isolated due to the suddenness of the attack and arrest. But everything has been sorted by now. In the future, everyone will be in the field with united power.’ Regarding inactive leaders at the district and upazila levels, he said, ‘The matter is being directly monitored by the acting chairman of the party, Tariq Rahman. He is talking to the inactive. I hope that the activists will be in the field all over the country in the continuous movement.’

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