BNP cannot avoid the responsibility of violence

BNP cannot avoid the responsibility of violence
BNP cannot avoid the responsibility of violence

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has commented that BNP will never escape responsibility for the violence of October 28. He said, ‘We have seen in the past that they did as they were allowed to do. But from the beginning of the rally on 28th, their leaders and activists started behaving recklessly. The police stopped the attack on the judge’s residence. Then he attacked the police. No BNP leader can escape the responsibility of attacking the police and journalists.’

The Home Minister said this in response to a question from reporters after paying tribute to the portraits of the four national leaders at the old central jail on Nazimuddin Road in the capital on Friday.

He said, ‘They want to do the same as they created a terrible situation in 2014 and 2015. Those who led there in the October 28 incident. Those who stayed there. No one can deny its responsibility. They cannot avoid responsibility. They were sitting on the stage and the events were happening in front of them. If they are found innocent in the police investigation, they will be acquitted. If not, there will be a charge sheet in their name.’

Asaduzzaman said, ‘Our women activists were attacked when they were passing in front of the Chief Justice’s residence to join the peace rally. When the police went to protect them, they also attacked the police. After that they were committing atrocities one after another.’ He said the policeman was killed. Journalists were attacked. The police attacked the hospital and set fire to the ambulance and vandalized other vehicles. One policeman died in the attack that day, another member is fighting with death.

Stating that those who are found in the video of these chaotic situations are being identified, he said, ‘We installed many high-quality cameras on the road, they also destroyed the cameras that day. Still we have enough evidence. After seeing the video footage, they are being identified and arrested.’

Regarding the arrest of the fugitive killers of four national leaders, the minister said, ‘I am looking for the accused in the Bangabandhu murder case. Two of his four have been arrested. Our efforts are continuing. The countries they fled to or settled in also have certain regulations. We are in discussion with that country to identify them. We hope we can bring them back.’

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