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Ramiz pulled Bangladesh supporters to criticize Sri Lanka

Ramiz pulled Bangladesh supporters to criticize Sri Lanka
Ramiz pulled Bangladesh supporters to criticize Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka were bowled out by 50 runs against India in the Asia Cup final. The team wanted to learn from that shock and turn around in the World Cup. But the nightmare of the Asia Cup was repeated as if yesterday at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. This time Sri Lanka chased the target of 358 runs given by India and were crushed by just 55 runs. The team is now facing a lot of criticism due to such performance.

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja also criticized Sri Lanka’s poor performance. At this time, he also drew the supporters of Bangladesh in the context of the talk. According to Ramiz, Sri Lanka will have no visitors left if they continue to be bowled out for short runs like this. Because Sri Lanka fans are not like Bangladesh fans. Regardless of the performance of the team, Ramiz pointed to the cricket madness of the Bangladeshi fans.

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On Sri Lanka’s dismissal of 55 and 55 runs in two consecutive matches against India, Ramiz said, ‘Look, the praise you give to India, it will be less. But what about Sri Lanka? Twice they were bowled out for 50 runs against India. Much emphasis should be placed on their fundamental areas. When it comes to fundamentals, one should think about the process of playing in their own country, domestic cricket, wickets, quality of players, who needs to play and who doesn’t need to play. Even injuries have to be considered. If there was Hasaranga (Wanindu) it might not have been read in such a condition. How much they feel hurt after losing, they should also think about that.’

Ramiz Raja is working as a commentator in the World Cup

Ramiz commented that if they play such bad cricket, the audience will no longer stand by, ‘If they continue to play like this and regularly get all out by 50 runs, then Sri Lanka will not have any supporters. But they are not like the fans of Bangladesh. Second, no one will count them. And the biggest thing is that the respect is hurt due to such conditions in the World Cup.

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Referring to Sri Lanka’s plight as an ominous sign for world cricket, Ramiz said, ‘They are in such a state that Mathews had to be called into the team. Players like him retire at this age. Yes, he has been called into the team in desperation, but batting-bowling-fielding is nowhere to be seen. Looking at the fielding condition, Sri Lanka’s catch rate is the worst. They have also left the most catches. So when pressed, the faults of all three departments come to the fore. It is not right for Sri Lankan cricket and not right for world cricket.’

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