Metrorail is getting complete from Motijheel

Metrorail is getting complete from Motijheel
Metrorail is getting complete from Motijheel

Dhaka: Dhaka, a congested city built on the banks of the Buriganga, gradually expanded to the north. Went to Tongighensha Uttara of Gazipur.

The traffic jam has dragged along.

As a result, it used to take two to two and a half hours on busy days to travel from Uttara to Motijheel, a distance of 20 km. But these days of suffering are coming to an end. In the congested city, Jadur Metrorail will cross this route in just 31 minutes.

The country’s first metro rail was inaugurated on December 28 last year to decongest Dhaka. At that time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the metro rail section from Uttara North to Agargaon.

After ten months, the section from Agargaon to Motijheel is being inaugurated today. Dhaka Metrorail is getting complete through this. The state-of-the-art public transport will be opened to the public from tomorrow, Sunday (November 5).

Three stations will be opened first

Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) Managing Director (MD) MAN Chiddik has recently presented all the issues including the movement of this section of Metrorail to the journalists.

He said that the second part of MRT Line-6 ​​from Agargaon to Motijheel has a total of seven stations. Among them, three stations will be opened first – Farmgate, Secretariat and Motijheel. After that, Dhaka University Station will be opened in November itself.

Then Shahbagh, Karwan Bazar and Vijay Sarani stations will be opened one by one within the next two months.

Motijheel, excitement in the office premises of the Secretariat

Offices of public and private banks, financial institutions and other organizations in the secretariat area of ​​Motijheel and Gulistan.

But due to high rent in residential buildings in these areas, a large part of low and middle income earners live in Mirpur. Because the relative rent in Mirpur is low.

As a result, Metrorail is bringing great benefits to the people living in Mirpur area.

Shahadul Islam works in a private bank in Motijheel. He said that it takes one and a half hours to come to the office from Mirpur every day. But I can come to the office in just 15 minutes from Sunday, it is very happy.

However, as the metro was initially launched only in the morning, he voiced a bit of disappointment and demanded that the metro rail movement should start in this part early in the afternoon as well.

Fazleh Rabbi Peul works in an IT company in Mirpur from his home in Motijheel. He told BanglaNews that since my office is in Mirpur, I have to go from Motijheel to Mirpur every day for work, where it takes me about two and a half to three hours. InshaAllah, because of the metro rail, I can reach the destination within half an hour now.

Expressing his anger that the metro rail was not running in the afternoon, he said, as far as I know, the metro rail is starting only in the morning shift. So it appears that on the way back we will have to reach it as before. It can be said that it has become such that I eat biryani in the morning and dal rice at night.

The morning-night time has been extended by half an hour

At present, those who reach office at 8 am would be late due to metro rail running from 8 am. In view of the demand of the passengers, the metro rail will start running from 7:30 am from November 5.

Meanwhile, those who have MRT or Rapid Pass after 8 pm can travel till 8:30 pm.

But passengers who buy a single ticket from the station can board the last metro train till 8 pm.

However, passengers from Agargaon to Motijheel section will be able to travel from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. Gradually the time will be increased in this part as well.

31 minutes Motijheel-Uttara, metro fare 100 taka

It will take 31 minutes to reach Motijheel by metro rail from Uttara Uttar station, and the fare will be Tk 100. However, those with Rapid Passes will get a 10 percent discount.

The fare from Agargaon to Motijheel is Tk 40. Motijheel to Uttara Central and South Tk 90, Pallavi Tk 80, Mirpur-11 Tk 70, Mirpur 10 and Kazipara Tk 60, Sheorapara and Agargaon Tk 50, Vijay Sarani Tk 40, Farmgate and Karwan Bazar Tk 30, Shahbagh, Dhaka University and 20 rupees in the secretariat. On the other hand, the fare from Farmgate to Motijheel is Tk 30.

Fare from Mirpur-10 to Farmgate is 30 Taka and Karwan Bazar Station is 40 Taka. The fare from Mirpur-10 station to Shahbagh and Dhaka University will be Tk 50. To go from Mirpur-10 to Secretariat and Motijheel station will cost 60 taka. Even if you get off from Farmgate station and get off at Caravan Bazar, you have to pay a minimum fare of 20 taka from one station to another station.

However, you can go to Shahbagh and Dhaka University Station with the same fare. And the fare from Farmgate to Secretariat and Motijheel station is Tk 30.

Bangladesh Time: 0014 hours, November 04, 2023

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