Shakib gave good news about ‘Priyatma’ again

Shakib gave good news about ‘Priyatma’ again
Shakib gave good news about ‘Priyatma’ again

‘Priyatma’ is the most successful movie starring Dhallywood King Shakib Khan. It was the most successful movie released last Eid-ul-Azha. Shakib Khan gave new good news about that blockbuster movie.

Shakib gave good news to fans through a post on his verified Facebook page on Friday (November 3). He said that this popular movie is coming to theaters again.

However, not in Bangladesh this time, ‘Priyatma’ won the hearts of the audience in its own country, this time in India. That’s why Shakib Khan announced his release in India on Friday. He wrote on his Facebook wall, “Priyatma is releasing in India today. All the Bengali speaking people there are invited to watch the movie.”

In the post, Shakib also included a list of which cinemas in India where Priyatma will be seen. He said that the movie will be shown in West Bengal and Assam in India.

‘Priyatma’ is the highest grossing movie in the history of Bengali cinema. Last August, which exceeded 37 crore rupees. Apart from Bangladesh, Prietama is also in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malawi. After that, the Indian audience got the movie from today.

The movie ‘Priyatma’ is directed by Himel Ashraf and produced by Arshad Adnan. Shakib Khan played the central character Suman in it. Kolkata’s Idhika Pal plays Iti opposite Shakib. Apart from Shakib Khan-Idhika, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Lutfar Rahman George, Elina Shammi, LR Khan Shimando and many others acted in it.

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