What the Hezbollah chief said about the Hamas-Israel war

What the Hezbollah chief said about the Hamas-Israel war
What the Hezbollah chief said about the Hamas-Israel war

The head of Lebanon’s powerful armed group Hezbollah has spoken for the first time about the Hamas-Israel war. He did not directly declare war on Israel in his televised address on Friday. However, he threatened that if Israel does not stop the aggression in Gaza, then Hezbollah will be involved in this war. Besides, he praised the attack carried out by Hamas on Israel on October 7.

He began his speech by remembering the Hezbollah fighters who lost their lives fighting the Israeli forces.

He also remembered those killed in the besieged Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He also congratulated the Hamas fighters who entered Israel and attacked on October 7.

Nasrullah then thanked the armed groups of Iraq and Yemen who joined the war against Israel.

He said, what Hamas did on October 7; Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom needed something to shake.

Because the situation of Palestinians has been very bad in the last few years. The Palestinians were going through a tough time especially because of the current extremist, stupid and barbaric government in Israel.

He also said that there was an earthquake in Israel due to the Al-Aqsa flood operation carried out by Hamas. The impact of which will be present and long into the future.

Besides, Iran does not give any kind of direction to any armed group – this was proved by the attack of Hamas that day. Because the leaders of Hamas decided this attack.

Hassan Nasrullah also said in his speech, “Nothing has started yet before many countries’ presidents, ministers, army officers have come to illegal Israel and are sending financial aid.”

He also said that a new phase of war against Israel has started with this attack by Hamas. He called the attack by Hamas justified, intelligent and courageous. He said, Hamas launched this attack at the right time.

Nasrullah, the head of the powerful armed group, said that Israel is now making such a decision; Which they can never achieve. And this is the most wrong decision of the war.

He said that Israel can take back the Israelis whom Hamas captured through negotiations.

He said that the brutality of the Israeli forces in Gaza is showing their ‘stupidity’ and ‘incompetence’. They attack and kill only women and children. But Israel has not achieved a single military objective in Gaza in the past month.

He blamed the US for the war and said the US was using Israel to wage war.

Hassan Nasrullah termed this war as a ‘different’ war and said that such a war had never been seen in the region before.

He then said that their goal in this war is to stop the attack on Gaza and make Hamas victorious.

He called on Arab world leaders to work together to end the war in Gaza.

Even at this stage of the long speech, Hassan Nasrullah did not give any idea or hint about what Hezbollah should do or what Hezbollah fighters will do against Israel.

However, he then said that Hezbollah has been involved in this war since October 8 and they are working against Israel. Because of this, instead of going to Gaza, Israeli troops have to stay at the Lebanese border.

He also said that Hezbollah will be more involved in this war. At this time, Nasrullah confirmed the information that 57 of his fighters were killed.

He threatened that Hezbollah’s further involvement in the war would depend on Israel’s actions.

Nasrullah said that they are prepared for all kinds of situations and that Hezbollah is not afraid of the two aircraft carriers that the US sent to the Mediterranean after the start of the Hamas-Israel war.

He said that those who want to prevent this war from becoming a regional war should work to stop Israel’s attack on Gaza.

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