15 more people lost their lives in one day due to dengue


15 more people lost their lives due to dengue in the last 24 hours. The number of deaths due to dengue this year in the country has reached 1 thousand 370 people. During this time, another 1 thousand 728 patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment. In the country, new records have already been created in dengue death and detection, breaking all the old records. More than twice as many patients are detected in the villages than in the capital. So far this year, 2 lakh 74 thousand 806 dengue patients have been admitted to the hospital. Among them, 99 thousand 932 people are in the capital and 1 lakh 74 thousand 874 people outside Dhaka. Out of 1 thousand 370 dead people, 781 are women and 589 are men. Among the total deaths, 554 died outside Dhaka and 816 died in the capital.

Experts say that the number of dengue cases will increase. 10 times more than the current patient.

Because many dengue patients seek treatment from home, their account is not in the records of the health department.

According to the dengue report, 379 of the 1,728 people admitted to the hospital due to dengue in the last 24 hours are residents of Dhaka and 1,349 are outside Dhaka. According to the notification, the total number of dengue patients currently admitted in various public and private hospitals of the country stands at 6,270, including 1,728 new patients. 1 thousand 762 people are admitted in different government and private hospitals in Dhaka and 4 thousand 508 people outside Dhaka. So far this year 2 lakh 74 thousand 806 dengue patients have been admitted to the hospital. Among the admitted patients, 1 lakh 65 thousand 260 male patients and 1 lakh 9 thousand 546 female patients. 2 lakh 63 thousand 300 people have returned home after recovery.

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