I really enjoyed making the film

I really enjoyed making the film
I really enjoyed making the film

Aruna Biswas is the celebrated actress of the country. She is a stage, TV and film actress. He is also a producer. Served as a member of Bangladesh Film Censor Board for some days. Apart from acting on small and big screen, he also produced several TV dramas. Aruna Biswas’ directorial debut ‘Asambhab’ is releasing today. The film is based on the story of Jatrapala, a traditional cultural accessory of Bangladesh.

The journey from acting to production… is a fascinating one. The issue of construction was there before. Besides acting in movies, I have produced plays. Acting has a different fun. The same thing happens in construction. I enjoyed it very much. The artists have been very cooperative. I think a job well done.

Why will the audience watch ‘Impossible’… ‘Impossible’ is a love movie, country movies, our movies. Especially the story of the film is original. It has everything that a full-length film would have. All in all, the audience will not be disappointed. I have a lot of expectations around this movie.

The story of the Yatrashilpi family… not at all. Many may have thought the story of my father Amlendu Biswas and mother Jyosna Biswas as journeymen. Not really. The film ‘Asambhab’ is actually the story of the almost extinct yatra industry of the country. It is purely a commercial film. Not just our family story.

How ‘Impossible’ became possible… The film was shot in Manikganj in 2021. I have tried to tell a story about Jatra art and Jatra artistes, which was a long time dream. That dream is going to be fulfilled. It’s even better to be able to choose a subject for a film that has rarely been done in general.

Regarding the actors’ performances… ‘Impossible’ every artist has done well enough in his own place. I am very grateful that the artists of my film have tried their best. Their dedication to the art really amazes me. I am especially grateful to everyone in this movie. In particular, Abul Hayat, Sohana Saba, Shahed, Shatabdi, Swagata, Gazi Abdun Noor and others have supported me a lot. Actress Swagta has played five roles. Almost all the characters in the movie are incredibly beautiful.

About the current film industry… this industry of our country has turned around now. A lot of good work is going on. The budget has increased. Artists are working on various platforms. Young people are much more serious. I am very optimistic about the film industry.

Achievements in the life of an artist are not attainments. In a long career, I got people’s love, I got a lot of people’s affection. These are actually not possible to buy with money. So people’s love and respect is the biggest gain in an artist’s life.

To the viewers… One thing, please watch the films made by our country, encourage our own film industry and related people. I think if you the audience stand by the film industry like us and stand by the people of this industry then this industry will go further.


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