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Truck caught fire after pouring petrol on the highway in Bogra

Truck caught fire after pouring petrol on the highway in Bogra
Truck caught fire after pouring petrol on the highway in Bogra

Bogra: A cargo truck (Dhaka Metro-D-22-3479) was burnt on the Dhaka-Dinajpur highway in Bogra on the second day of the BNP-Jamaat blockade across the country.

Miscreants burnt the truck in Baghopara area of ​​the upazila on Wednesday (01 November).

According to local sources, a cargo (ship breaker) truck from Chittagong was parked in Mahasthan area with goods. The truck was going to Matidali area of ​​Bogra to unload the goods this afternoon. When the truck reached Baghopara area on the Dhaka-Dinajpur highway, a group of youths followed the vehicle and signaled it to stop. Then vandalism started. When the truck came to a complete stop, they poured petrol and set it on fire.

After receiving the information, the police came and brought the truck fire under control with sand and water. A fire service unit then arrived and brought the fire under control.

Assistant to the truck driver. Shahadat Islam said that the truck came from Chittagong to Mahasthan in Bogra. Today, on the way to Matidali to unload goods, a group of youths poured petrol and set fire to our vehicle. Petrol gets on him too. Later he ran away. But the truck with the goods got burnt in petrol fire.

Bogra Additional Superintendent of Police Snigdh Akhtar said, we are in the field to protect law and order for the safety of the people. Action is being taken if any untoward situation is reported anywhere. Our members are also patrolling the highways.

Bangladesh Time: 1524 hours, November 01, 2023
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