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12 Israeli soldiers killed in ground operation in Gaza

12 Israeli soldiers killed in ground operation in Gaza
12 Israeli soldiers killed in ground operation in Gaza

Ten Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday during a ground operation in Gaza, the country said. A total of 12 Israeli soldiers were killed in the ground operation in Gaza.

The Times of Israel has published the detailed identity of the dead soldiers. The injured soldiers were evacuated from the battlefield by helicopter.

A Hamas anti-tank guided missile attack destroyed an armored vehicle and killed five soldiers and wounded four others. One of the injured is in critical condition.

Meanwhile, an Israeli tank was destroyed by a Hamas mine, killing four soldiers on board.

Hamas’ armed wing Al Qassam Brigades said on social media that it destroyed three Israeli military vehicles, including a tank, in northern Gaza. Apart from this, they also demanded to kill an Israeli soldier. In addition, Islamic Jihad said that mortar attack was carried out on the Israeli army group in the north-western Gaza.

Earlier in 2014, when the Israeli forces went to operate in Gaza, at least 70 of their soldiers were killed.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Navy has deployed more warships to the Red Sea to reinforce Yemen’s Houthis following long-range missile and drone attacks.

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