BRTC bus ran on the empty road

BRTC bus ran on the empty road
BRTC bus ran on the empty road

Dhaka: On September 2, the new horizon Dhaka Elevated Expressway was opened for the residents of the dense megacity capital. Although common people are full of hope about this new route, the road below is full of vehicles and the airport is completely empty.

In such a context, BRTC has started Yatriseva with eight buses to give the benefit of high-speed elevated expressway to the common people.

A BRTC bus departs from Khejur Bagan, Farmgate at 11:27 am. The Vijay Sarani ramps up the elevated expressway. It joins the main expressway with a toll at 11:50 am. The bus reaches the airport area at 12:06 PM.

Eight double-decker buses of the company were inaugurated on Monday (September 18) from 11 am on an experimental basis.

Eight-year-old Sayeda Ariba Abdullah, a passenger on this road with family members, was telling her mother on the phone, “Mom, you know it’s so much fun.” My sister and I boarded the bus with my father on an empty street. It is a double decker bus. All journalists are talking to us.

Ariba’s father Abdullah Hadi said, I have been to this road many times before. But it was a long road. Today you can go in 15 minutes.

Initially, eight double-decker buses will ply from Uttara to Farmgate on a trial basis. The fare has been fixed at two taka 45 paisa per kilometer. According to that, the 15 km from Farmgate to the airport will cost 35 taka, and the 17 km to Jasimuddin will cost 40 taka.

BRTC buses will operate much like a ‘shuttle’ service on the elevated expressway. That is, only on the runway. Buses will depart from Farmgate Palm Gardens. Then it will return to Khejurbagan area via Uttara Jasimuddin Road via the flyover. In this way, the buses will run all day from 7 am. It will continue till night as long as passengers are available.

BRTC said to further increase the number of buses based on passenger demand.

Chairman of BRTC Tajul Islam said that the fare for 15 kilometers from Farmgate end Khejurbagan to the airport is Tk 35. And the fare for 17 kilometers up to Uttara Jasimuddin Avenue is Tk 40. That is, the fare per kilometer is two taka 45 paisa.

He said, due to e-ticketing system, there is no opportunity to charge more fare. Even if traveling on the elevated expressway, passengers will be charged the prescribed fare of BRTA. For now, tolls are not added to the fare.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Dhaka Elevated Expressway on September 2. The much-desired 11.5 km stretch of the expressway i.e. from Airport to Farmgate was opened. The elevated expressway of Dhaka Chittagong highway up to Qutubkhali is scheduled to be completed by next June. Then the city dwellers will get its full benefit.

Bangladesh Time: 1418 hours, September 18, 2023

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