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The number of deaths and cases of dengue is increasing rapidly this month. Another 17 people lost their lives in one day. 246 people died on the 18th day of September. 839 people have died of dengue so far in the country. The death rate is also higher this month than last month. Last month, an average of 11 people died of dengue every day. More than 13 people are losing their lives there on an average every day this month. As the days go by, the death march of dengue is getting longer. Dengue is more prevalent outside Dhaka. More than twice as many patients are detected in the villages than in the capital.

In the country, new records have already been created in the number of deaths and detection of dengue patients, breaking the old records. 3 thousand 84 patients were admitted to hospital due to dengue in one day. 1 lakh 70 thousand 768 dengue patients have been admitted to hospital so far this year. Among them, 74 thousand 127 people are in the capital and 96 thousand 641 people are outside Dhaka. Out of 839 dead, 483 are women and 356 are men. Among the total deaths, 265 died outside Dhaka and 574 died in the capital.

According to the dengue report, 894 of the 3 thousand 84 people admitted to the hospital due to dengue infection in the last 24 hours are residents of Dhaka and 2 thousand 190 outside Dhaka. According to the notification, the total number of dengue patients currently admitted in various public and private hospitals of the country stands at 10 thousand 32, including 3 thousand 84 new ones. 3 thousand 861 people are admitted in different government and private hospitals in Dhaka and 6 thousand 171 people outside Dhaka. 1 lakh 70 thousand 768 dengue patients have been admitted to hospital so far this year. Among the admitted patients, 1 lakh 4 thousand 484 male patients and 66 thousand 284 female patients. 1 lakh 59 thousand 897 people have recovered and returned home.

According to the data of the Directorate, in January this year 566 people were admitted to the hospital due to dengue and 6 died, in February 166 people were infected and 3 died, in March the number of patients admitted was 111 and in April 143 people were admitted to the hospital and 2 died. . In May, 1 thousand 36 people were admitted to the hospital and 2 people died. 5 thousand 956 people and 34 people died in June. In July, 43 thousand 854 people were diagnosed and 204 people died. In August, 71 thousand 976 people were detected and 342 people lost their lives. On September 18, 46 thousand 960 patients were identified and 246 people died. But experts say, the number of dengue cases will be more. Because many dengue patients seek treatment from home, their account is not in the records of the health department.

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