What is expected at the gathering of world leaders

What is expected at the gathering of world leaders
What is expected at the gathering of world leaders

The climate crisis and the war in Ukraine are expected to take center stage at the 78th UN General Assembly session. More than 140 world leaders and state representatives will gather for the session in New York, USA. The high-level general debate will begin on Tuesday. The debate will begin after a series of meetings over two weeks. The world’s attention is focused on this debate during the annual United Nations event.

The debate gives world leaders an opportunity to outline their priorities for the coming year. Call for cooperation on important issues. Sometimes criticizes rivals.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters last week that this is a moment every year when leaders from all over the world not only review the global situation, but work for the common good. The world needs to take action right now.

This year’s General Debate will be held under the theme ‘Rebuilding Trust and Reviving Global Solidarity: Accelerating the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals towards Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Sustainability for All’.

At the same time, several side meetings and bilateral discussions will be held during the conference.

Role of the UN General Assembly?

The 193 member states of the United Nations General Assembly participate in debates on human rights, international law and issues in the economic, social, cultural, educational and health sectors. This council has the power to accept various proposals and declarations. Which should be the guiding principles of the organization.

According to the UN Charter, the Council is also responsible for resolving issues of international peace and security that are not discussed in the Security Council.

The annual budget of the United Nations is approved by the General Assembly. One of the council’s six committees directly oversees the financing of peacekeeping missions around the world.

Who will speak in general debate?

The first address of the general debate is given by the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The leader of this session is Denis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago. Greater diversity and equal opportunities will be prioritized during his tenure, he said.

Brazil is usually the first country to speak. The country’s president, Lula de Silva, can give importance to combating climate change in his speech. Lula, who took power in January, has pledged to restore Brazil to global leadership on environmental issues and strengthen protection of the vital Amazon forest.

Then the host country USA gave a speech. US President Joe Biden will try to highlight Washington’s role as a global leader in his speech on Tuesday.

The speaker is then determined through complex calculations. Consideration of representation, geographical balance etc. will be addressed by one leader after another.

Who is participating?

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said last week that the high-level talks could be attended by as many as 150 leaders.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are expected to address the general session. At the same time, they will have a bilateral meeting with Biden.

Reuters reported that Zelensky may address the UN Security Council on Wednesday. At this time, he may sit at the same table with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Who is not staying?

Only Biden will be present as the top leader of the five permanent member states of the United Nations Security Council. The veto-wielding US, China, Russia, France and the UK are likely to attend the high-level week.

Rishi Sunak will be the first British Prime Minister to be absent from the session in more than a decade. He said that due to his busy schedule, he could not go to New York. French President Emmanuel Macron will be absent, citing the schedule.

It is not clear who will represent China at the session. In early September, a Wall Street Journal report said Vice President Han Zheng may be sent to the United States instead of Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

What will be discussed?

Common debates generally deal with various issues of regional and global interest. Last year’s talks focused on recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and tackling climate change. They are expected to be important this year as well.

In late August, US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said he expected most Western countries to step up pressure to withdraw troops from Ukraine.

Concerns about China, maritime security in the Pacific, supply chain disruptions and human rights issues may also come to the fore. In particular, many analysts question China’s growing influence at the United Nations.

Recent military coups in Africa may get attention. Besides, the regional conflicts of Sudan and Ethiopia, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the role of the Horn of Africa and Latin America in the global migrant crisis may also come up in the discussion.

The General Assembly session is being held two months before the start of the UN Climate Conference COP28. The UN Secretary General is organizing a climate conference in New York as a side event.

The general debate will be broadcast live on UN Web TV.

Source: Al Jazeera

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