The police investigation report will be submitted tomorrow

The police investigation report will be submitted tomorrow
The police investigation report will be submitted tomorrow

The police investigation of the incident of beating of Chhatra League leaders in the OC (Investigation) room of Shahbag police station is in the final stage. The report is due to be submitted tomorrow.

A three-member investigation committee has taken the testimony of 40-42 people in this incident. The suspended Additional Superintendent of Police Haroon-or-Rashid, ADC Sanjida Afrin, Inspector Md. Golam Mustafa is there.

Aggrieved leaders of Chhatra League and eyewitnesses of Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and police station have also been taken. Most of their narratives have accused Haroon of being in an oppressive role, from hospital to police station torture.

A senior DMP official involved in the investigation, who did not want to be named, told Jugantar, ‘The investigation is at its final stage. The report is scheduled to be submitted on Tuesday.

He also said, ‘Through the investigation that is going on now, basically who’s role in the incident will be determined. A preliminary investigation usually does not recommend punishment. Against whom a crime is said. A departmental inquiry recommended punishment. The three-member investigation committee will basically say who did what and what is punishable and what is not. After that there will be a departmental investigation.’

The investigation committee also took statements from BCL organizing secretary Anwar Hossain Naeem and BCL scientific affairs secretary Sharif Ahmed Munim, who were the main victims of the incident. They narrated the beginning of the incident and the description of the torture to the inquiry committee. Inspector Mustafa was found to be the most aggressive role after ADC Haroon in the incident that day.

Meanwhile, the injured Chhatra League leaders said that 10-15 people participated in the attack, but so far the investigation has revealed the names of 8-10 people.

On the night of September 9 at Shahbag police station, allegations of brutal torture of two leaders of Chhatra League were filed against 10-15 policemen including the then ADC of Ramna zone Harun-or-Rashid.

The victims alleged that Haroon was seen with APS Mamun’s wife Sanjida in Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and the torture came on them. They were taken into police custody and beaten to death.

However, it was claimed by Harun and Sanjida that Sanjida’s husband Mamun went there and escalated the incident when they went to the hospital for treatment. He was the first to hit Aaron’s body.

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