Who is this ADC Sanjida?

Who is this ADC Sanjida?
Who is this ADC Sanjida?

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADC) Sanjida Afrin Nipa has come to discuss the incident of torture of two central leaders of Chhatra League at Shahbag police station.

He is working as Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (ADC) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Crime Division and is the 31st BCS officer. She is the wife of Azizul Haque, Assistant Private Secretary (APS) to the President.

Sanjida Afrin’s village home is in Nagda Shimla union of Gopalpur in Tangail district. M Hussain Ali’s daughter Sanjida passed the 31st BCS examination and joined the police force. Her elder sister is a doctor by profession.

Sanjida was in the special branch of the police from May 5, 2016 to January 7, 2021. After that, Sanjida was working as an ASP in Gazipur Sadar Circle from May 6, 2021 to November 7, 2022. He joined DMP on 13 November 2022.

Incidentally, ADC Sanjida Afrin has come to the discussion regarding the torture of two central leaders of Chhatra League at Shahbag police station. In this incident, she may be transferred to Rangpur Police Training Center (PTC).

Relevant sources have confirmed to Yugantar that a notification in this regard may be issued today (Wednesday).

Besides, the police is looking for the responsibility of the Assistant Private Secretary (APS) of the President Azizul Haque Mamun in this incident. It is being said from the side of the police that it was the President’s APS and Chhatra League leaders who first beat ADC Haroon.

Dhaka Metropolitan Intelligence Police (DB) Additional Commissioner Mohammad Harun-Or Rashid thinks that what happened at Bardem Hospital, where the incident started, should be investigated to find out the responsibility of APS Mamun.

He said that APS Mamun and Chhatra League leaders had earlier beaten ADC Harun at Bardem Hospital. Police ADC Sanjida Afrin, wife of APS, also defended ADC Harun by citing similar information.

Sources related to the investigation said that the woman ADC Sanjeeda, around whom the incident started, is being investigated on various issues. Finally, there were allegations of having a special relationship with Harun. The matter was being secretly monitored by her husband and President’s APS Azizul for several months. The investigation is being done keeping in mind all the issues.

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