Behind-the-scenes of Salman Shah’s viral photo… Behind-the-scenes of Salman Shah’s viral photo…


A picture of late Bangladeshi actor Salman Shah has spread on social media Facebook. Although the image is not real, it was created using artificial intelligence (AI) by an AI promoter engineer named Rajib Jahan Ferdous. He is the general manager of Bata Shu by profession.

Posting Salman Shah’s picture on Facebook, Rajib captioned it, ‘Get ready Bangladesh. Fashion icon Salman Shah is back again…’. Instantly his post spread on Facebook. Along with 4,700 shares, the post received 453 comments. Many of the commentators asked – why was asked to prepare? What is going to happen around Salman Shah?

Kalbela contacted Rajib to find out the answer to this question. He said, in fact, more pictures of Salman Shah will come using AI. He asked everyone to get ready to see them. He did not make this picture keeping in mind the use of any movie, advertisement or any other work.

Earlier, Rajeev has created pictures of various stars using AI. Seeing them, members of the Salman Shah fan club requested him to make pictures of Salman Shah.

In fact, this actor’s birth and death anniversary will be in September next month. On this occasion, Salman Shah’s fans requested Rajeev to make the film. Rajiv agrees. Later on Sunday night, the maker of this film got a huge response by posting the picture of Salman Shah.

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