Mir left Radio Mirchi, the question of the listeners is where is the next destination

Kolkata, First Published Jul 1, 2022, 3:38 PM IST

The sky had been the face of the chariot since morning. At the same time, the popular host of Bengal, Mir, made the minds of more radio listeners even worse. His emotional post on social media this morning is breaking up with him on Radio Mirchi. But not the radio. For more than two decades, many people in the state have been awakened by Mir’s voice on the radio. So it is clear in his post that he is upset to leave work place for a long time. However, this is exactly what the listeners or followers are upset about this announcement.

Mir’s name has been inextricably linked with Radiowa for 26 long years. The first airwaves. He also posted an old photo of the event on social media on Friday. Then on August 7, 1997, he joined Radio Mirchi. Since then, many people have woken up after hearing his good morning. Mir is the signature program of Radio Mirchi. However, Mir did not tell his next destination even though he told everything on social media that day.

The question is where is Mir’s next destination. No other radio station or your own new radio station! However, he did not disclose it. He said that the hardship is like 696.3 percent. Fans must not understand that he has mentioned the number of Radio Mirchi station in this case.

Mir is a popular name on radio as well as television. His first debut as a news reader of Khas Khabar. Later, he performed in popular shows like Haumau Khan, Miracle, Batabeti’s Fight. He has also been seen in Bengali movies. However, Mir’s announcement on this day is quite popular on social media. Many have questioned where he will go.

Last Updated Jul 1, 2022, 3:38 PM IST

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