Video leaked on Facebook: Soonerah gets caught

Video leaked on Facebook: Soonerah gets caught
Video leaked on Facebook: Soonerah gets caught

Sunerah bint Kamal and Shariful Raj.


After a video of actress Sunerah bint Kamal with actor Shariful Raj came out on Facebook, there is a lot of discussion about it.

The video is from Raj’s Facebook ID. Sunerarah suspected that it had been hacked. And that’s why Raj’s wife is suspecting actress Parimoni.

Parimoni is angry with Soonerah again.

On the other hand, Shariful Raj says the incident is embarrassing but does not want to say anything about the video leak right now. However, he said, the pictures are from the shooting of the movie ‘No Dorai’ five years ago.

Both Raj and Sunerah made their film debut with the movie ‘No Dorai’ which was released in 2019. He married Parimoni two years ago, they have a child.

Some stills and videos of Shariful Raj suddenly surfaced on Facebook on Monday night. The video was deleted from Raj’s Facebook within 18 minutes, but it went viral on social media.

In the video, Raj is asking Sunerah one question after another. In response to that question, Sunerah is heard muttering incoherently a couple of times.

Many have also questioned whether the incident is recent or not and whether the ‘unrelated’ part of the statement is new or not.

Several calls to Raj’s mobile to talk about the authenticity of the video remain switched off.

There is nothing about this on his Facebook page. There are latest posts praising the movie Maa starring wife Parimony.

Meanwhile, Sunerah wrote about it on Facebook. He said, this video is 5 years ago. When they were shooting for the movie ‘No Dorai’ together.

Sunerah said, “The videos you have seen are from five years ago, from the time of the movie ‘No Dorai’. At that time we had fun like this, and practiced speaking like this every day. Because, we, especially me, had to be abused like this for the needs of the movie.”

Along with the video, some pictures of Soonera have also gone viral. The actress said in a Facebook post that they are also pictures of scenes from the movie ‘No Dorai’.

The story of the movie had torture scenes on him. Sunerah said, “Then I sent him (Shariful Raj) a picture to let him know that I got beaten up during the shoot (where Liaquat beats me, those who have seen the movie Na Darai will know about it), was sore after the beating, couldn’t even stand up. . I sent the picture to inform you that I will not be able to go to the shooting. I sent not only him, but also the director.”

Highlighting her friendship with Raj, Sunerah said, “I have known Shariful Raj for more than 10 years. He is my good friend. We know how good friends talk. But the only problem is, he is a boy and I am a girl.”

Sunerah said, “We met in a dubbing studio that day. We took pictures together. His wife (Parimani) got angry with me for no reason.”

Sunerah thinks Shariful Raj’s Facebook ID has been hacked. He said, “I am sure, his ID has been hacked. And we all know who hacked, there’s no reason to make a public fuss about it.”

Urging everyone not to spread the video, Sunerah said, “I will take legal action against those who spread these videos.”

A few days ago, Parimoni created a stir on social media by alleging the relationship of another actress Vidya Sinha Mim with Raj.

On Tuesday, she said that her husband Raj has not been with her for the past five days and is with Sunera. So the allegation of hacking Facebook is ridiculous.

He threatened legal action against Soonerah for raising such allegations.

Why did he falsely blame me? I will file a case in the name of this girl. I can do that from Balla Raj’s phone. Raji has been traveling with Sunera for five days. So I did it, or Sunerah did it?”

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