‘The Tenants’ left Di Maria devastated

‘The Tenants’ left Di Maria devastated
‘The Tenants’ left Di Maria devastated

‘The Tenants’ left Di Maria devastated

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Juventus is having a bad time in the field performance. Then the Italian club was awarded 10 points for lying. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) punished them mainly for concealing information about transfer contracts and money. As a result, their place in the Champions League next season is in doubt as they have dropped to seventh place in the points table. Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria is looking to end his career for Juventus. He will become a free agent at the end of this season. It is also known that his contract will not be renewed in the new club.

Di Maria has been verbally attacked by fans amid the team’s woeful state and ongoing talks to leave the club. Juventus fans started making negative comments about him after he shared family photos on social media. They called the world-winning Argentine star a ‘mercenary’. Due to which Di Maria is naturally disappointed. With a stern reply, he said, you are good friends.

Di Maria joined Juventus on a one-year deal in last year’s transfer window. After that, the Argentine star’s contract with them was supposed to be extended. But last February he said that he had no discussion with the club in this regard. It has since been reported that the traditional Italian club have changed their transfer strategy. The new strategy does not have a name where Di Maria is.

Di Maria has played 38 matches so far in all competitions this season. Out of which he was able to start in the first eleven of only 25 matches. In a few days, the career of Di Maria, who joined Juventus in the second round, will end. But on the eve of leaving the team, he shared a picture with his family and wrote to them on Instagram, “Thank you for always being with me.” Thank you for showing me how important the love of family life is in a person’s life. I love my family as much as life.

After that, the ardent supporters of the Italian club attacked the comment box of the post. Some of them keep saying, get out of Turin straight away. You and Leandro Paredes are two mercenary players. You have no attachment to the party. You don’t know what the Juventus jersey means!

To which Di Maria replied sternly, I think you don’t understand the meaning of the Juventus jersey. You are a good time friend. The players are fine. We waste for the team. Play until the end of the match. But you are only with the team in good times. Congratulations to you anyway.


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