Actress Mahi arrested, where is the husband?

Actress Mahia Mahi was arrested from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP) arrested him on Saturday at 11 am on his way back from Saudi Arabia.

He was shown arrested in a case under the Digital Security Act. However, Mahi’s husband Rakib Sarkar is absconding, said GMP media wing officer Ibrahim Khan. GMP Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Abu Torab from the airport. Mahi was taken to the GMP headquarters under the leadership of Shamsur Rahman.

Last Friday, the case against Mahia Mahi and her husband Awami League leader Rakib Sarkar was filed under the Digital Security Act by Gazipur Metropolitan Basan Police Station Sub-Inspector Mohammad Rokon Mia.
Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam said yesterday that Rakib Sarkar and his wife Mahia Mahi Sarkar have been booked under the Digital Security Act for the crime of degrading the law and order situation by disseminating various false, fabricated, offensive, ugly and defamatory information.

Actress Mahi, who was going to perform Umrah with her husband, complained of vandalism and attack on Rakib’s car showroom on Facebook Live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia. After some time, Rakib and Mahi came on Facebook Live and said, Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam is taking possession of our car showroom to Ismail alias Laden in exchange of 1.5 million rupees.

Mahi and Rakib Sarkar again came on Facebook Live around 12:30 pm on Friday. They said, Gazipur police arrested our security and others. Kicking everyone out of our showroom. He said, if he does not come out, he will shoot. Can the police ever do these? We will get down to the airport in the morning. Maybe they will arrest us too.

Incidentally, Gazipur Metropolitan Police has two cases against Mahi and her husband Rakib. There is a case of land dispute. Another is the Digital Security Act. Mahi is currently nine months pregnant. She will be a mother in a few days. Meanwhile, this actress was arrested.

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