What Shakib Khan said at Gulshan Police Station (Video)

Actor Shakib Khan went to Gulshan Model Police Station to file a defamation case against producer Rahmat Ullah. However, Shakib has been advised to file a case in court from the police station.

Shakib appeared at Gulshan police station at around 11:30 pm on Saturday.

After leaving the police station at around 12:30 in the night, he told reporters that Rahmat Ullah put a gun on the cinema’s neck and demanded money. Tomorrow Sunday I will go to court against him.

Shakib Khan said that Rahmat Ullah, who is claiming to be the producer of the movie ‘Operation Agneepath’, is actually not the real producer of this movie. The original producer of the movie is Jane Alam of Vertex Media. Which is also written in the contract. He has fabricated lies. Many people are involved in this. He also claimed that they gave him fuel. He said, the allegations against me are completely false. Because of this I will take legal action against the fake producer.

Earlier, producer Rahmat Ullah had written a letter to the Bangladesh Film Artists Association on Wednesday, alleging Shakib’s misconduct, false assurances, rape of a co-producer and neglect of duty for his film ‘Operation Agneepath’.

A day after the complaint, Shakib sat down with the complaining producer on Thursday. Shakib Khan wants to settle the complaint by assuring to finish the movie in the meeting. However, there was no fruitful solution in the meeting. No decision was taken in the meeting by the complaining producer on Shakib Khan’s settlement proposal.

The article is in Bengali

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