Shahrukh’s Pathan will set a record at the box office?

After four years, Shahrukh Khan’s movie is releasing again. So Shah Rukh-fans are excited about Pathan. Controversy about this movie has increased the tension.

Is 57 too old to be a macho superhero? At least not to Shah Rukh Khan. At the age of 57, he played the role of the macho superhero in Pathan. Big hair, toned body with visible biceps, abs tackled by Shah Rukh… no need to tell the story. Then Shahrukh-fans might get angry. Rather, they should be given an opportunity to watch Pathan and be enthralled without any preconceived notions.

Shahrukh’s movie is releasing after four years. As a result, in a country where there are billions of Shah Rukh fans, there is no need to be enlightened to say that their craze will be terrible. Pathan is releasing on Wednesday. 4 lakh 19 thousand tickets have been sold till Monday. Baahubali 2 and KGF2 are followed by Pathan. By Tuesday afternoon, that number may cross five lakh.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the trailer of Pathan on January 10. That trailer has got 4.2 million views so far. Telugu and Tamil trailers also got 50 lakh views. This small information explains the picture of people’s madness about Pathan and Shahrukh.

And box office experts say that Pathan can withdraw two hundred crore rupees in the first five days. And this movie can not only strengthen Bollywood in the new year, but also create new records. Film expert Taran Adarsh ​​told Indian Express that the first day collection could stand at Rs 40 to 50 crore.

Bollywood is now facing stiff competition from the southern film industry and Hollywood. Not many Bollywood movies have seen massive success in quite some time. Producer Girish Johar feels that Pathan will give Bollywood that success and confidence.

Because of the controversy

Pathan’s song ‘Beshram Rong’ had a controversy. Deepika Padukone danced to this song in an ocher outfit. Only then BJP leaders and activists raised their voice, saying that saffron and Hinduism have been insulted. The Minister of Madhya Pradesh informed that Pathan will not be allowed to be released in his state. There were demands to block the release of Pathan in various places. This controversy probably made people more enthusiastic about Pathan.

A day ago, Shah Rukh spoke to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma on phone. Himanta assured that there will be no disturbance in Assam. Himant, however, said that he did not know Shah Rukh. Because, since 2001, he has not seen a special movie. Hearing that, Shahrukh wants to talk to her. And Himant called Shahrukh at two in the night.

But a few days ago, Prime Minister Modi said that BJP workers should not talk about the movie. Let them focus on the work of the team. Team Pathan no doubt feels quite reassured after the words of the Prime Minister.

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